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Thread: The end of the Tir Accord. A blessing for the clans?

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    The end of the Tir Accord. A blessing for the clans?

    Having recently returned to Rubi-ka after learning of the new political developments, I have been following the news broadcasts with great interest and I find myself wondering...all signs point towards the Tir Accord being declared void, now that the Council of Truth have fallen.
    This can be the starting point for a period of much internal strife...or an opportunity for the clans to create the trustworthy and deciesive leadership that the Council of Truth failed to provide.

    It is a chance for the clans to deal with the terrorist elements within them. The elements that have forever haunted the Council of Truth and underminded their credibility as leaders.
    Of course, I am certain that Omni-tek will be more than willing to offer their assistance in this task. A temporary Omni-tek occupation of clan territory while the removal of these criminal elements take place should be expected, even welcomed, as their presense will provide security for the law abiding Clan citizen.

    Once the destructive elements have been been neutralised, a proper Clan organ of control can be established and a new era of peace can beging between Omni-tek and the Clans.

    Therefore, I see the fall of the Council of Truth, not as a disaster, but as an opportunity for a long awaited change within the Clans

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    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    Although, on the surface, it would seem as if the demise of the corrupt and ineffective CoT is a blessing for the whole of Rubi-Ka, in actuality it may prove far worse for both Clan and OT alike.

    For the Clans, they initially benefited not from the "effective" leadership of the CoT, but rather from its pacifist, conciliatory approach with respect to OT. The Tir Accord granted Clans a legally recognized right and title to certain of Rubi-Ka's lands, and would have eventually allowed the CoT to fully annex notum mining operations within their jurisdiction. "Tir" thus granted the Clan community not only their own dedicated parcel of land, but a means of tremendous wealth generation that would have been envied by every other corporation in the galaxy.

    Notwithstanding the isolated and sporadic terrorist attacks, OT benefited by the unhearalded era of peace and stability which followed the enactment of the Accord. OT inevitably slept much better knowing that its notum operations, as well as future territorial expansion, were perhaps the safest they've been since colonization began.

    Now, we have a fractured society which comprises vastly different interests and over 50% of Rubi-Ka's population, an OT government bent on simulatneously eliminating the Dust Brigade and safe-guarding its mining operations, and the presence of foreign military personel in Clan and Neutral territory. Even though the CoA has apparently "risen" yet again, it fails to account for the destabilizing influences which pervaded the CoT and Clan society.

    Chiefly among those influences is vast differential in the militant-pacifist distinction among the various Clans. Many do not want a fourth civil war, while others wish nothing more than to eliminate OT altogether. It is this latter cult of the offensive which has given rise and power to the Dust Brigade. And it is for this very reason that unifying a council of the Clans in one single voice will be an insurmountable task.

    Furthermore, with the ICC presence in Clan territory, along with the pervasive hostility that the Clan community has towards OT, any OT incursion, even in the name of security, would be fought with every last drop of blood of the Clans. Case in point: ICC peacekeepers were continuously slaughtered in Tir, and even though this has subsided somewhat in the past week, imagine what would happen if Omni-Pol personel appeared.

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    The Tir Accord has fallen, yes. But is it for better or for worse? Even I cannot tell.

    During my time in the Clans, there was much resentment towards Omni-Tek. But resentment for what? I cannot tell now. I look back on that time, and see hatred...ill-directed hatred, unsure why they were against Omni-Tek, but knowing that they were. And as it has been many times in human history, the 'why' was forgotten. Children grew up hearing chants and dogma, and took them as the truth without questioning.

    And though the Clans seem free, hatred for Omni-Tek has become a single guiding belief. Those who speak of anything other than the destruction of Omni-Tek are shouted down, called 'weak' or 'Omni sympathizer scum'. The freedom is an illusion; the reality is that you are only free so long as you are in agreement with the masses.

    Omni-Tek is different. Regimented, yes, but with freedom therein. As long as the requested results are obtained, you may accomplish the task however you desire. Often, this has led to trouble...those who recall the origins of the Clans can attest to that. But this, too, is part of freedom...with freedom comes the possibility for error. Otherwise, you are not truly free.

    But all this is, to a degree, beside the point. With the Tir Accords deemed null and void, stewardship of Rubi-Ka is now fully in the hands of Phillip Ross. Despite what some may think, he is, to a large degree, a reasonable man. He knows that war with the Clans would disrupt notum mining, and cost him profits. For those reasons, he seeks peace with the Clans. Perhaps not the most altruistic of motivations, but they accomplish the task.

    Will this peace occur? Not from what I have seen. The brief rise of the Council of Ares, though perhaps a mere footnote in the history of this world, still shows that the Clans would prefer to destroy Omni-Tek, and perhaps themselves in the process. Say what you will about Omni-Tek, but they have been responsible for great things for all who live on Rubi-Ka. If the Clans can overcome their past, and forge a new Tir Accord, those great things may continue.

    I can only hope they do.
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