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Thread: How can we see we play too much AO/MMORPGs? A funny and interactive thread .

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    While shopping at the local mall you see a pair of white boots.

    "Cool, Omni-Pol boots...."

    Look at the size to check the QL...

    "Darn, only 7 ..."

    Realize what you are doing....

    Saying "Lol" to your girlfriend...



    Stroll to every construction site in town to get a new beam


    While driving I accidentally locked the driver side door.
    When I stopped to get out and couldn't first thing that came to my mind was "Darn Yal-Bug, need to relog"


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    You can never deal enough damage to OD even the most average role-player 220 soldier with the right gun, so taunts are your only hope.
    I want to tank The Beast with nothing but a chair and a Concrete Cushion FFS!

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    Recently got notibly better at my job, and thought..."I must have gotten a tradeskills bonus somehow!"
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    Wait...Back up a minute....

    You DIMACHED a General? I am impressed - but how?!?
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    Getting AO for the first time, playing it far too much, stopping working so hard, allowing your 1 year old business to fail. Not funny at the time, but hilaious now cosI got a much bettere job and can play at work!!

    Trying to mute your "GF Chat" chanel when shes nagging you for playing too much AO......

    EDIT:- Trying to bump your suggestions in meetings at work so people notice them!
    Please allow me to introduce you to the voices:

    The voices, the voices! Stop the voices!

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    Blindhealer - just a little bit out of her depth!

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    When your dog runs away you mutter to yourself: "Why can't they fix the god da....ed pet pathing"!!
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    Originally posted by Cz The money you would spend on a sports car have been spent on your AO account(s). I have invested them in a sports car for myself. I'll let you drool over a picture of it someday.

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    When you try to defend AO bugs and stuff that people who played long ago complain about, but then realise its been almost 2 years now and stuff is still broken...

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    Or when you see that you are the last one to post on 35 different threads...

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    When youre in a hurry to cross a room and consider jumping and running accross the table/chairs.

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    Or when you try to hide in shelves to not get attacked by pissed of parents...

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    when you see someone stumble or trip and think 'they need to raise agil'.
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