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Thread: Tir Accord?

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    Tir Accord?

    In light of this thread: (which ran from Sept. 18 to 26), I think we can quash the debate as to whether or not FC listens to what we actually say in this forum...especially when you look at the last two "news" articles.

    Jynne can take credit for the earlier one (the players hunting the two CoT members idea).

    As to the most recent one, to Bionitrous: makes you smile, doesn't it? Think the reference in the article to "speculation as to what will happen to the accord has been intense" is to our little debate? You think we would've gotten more credit.

    Of course, we can never be sure. Perhaps the 10 or so people who posted in that thread were just having a particularly psychic week...

    For everyone seeking a non-partisan backgound on the Accord, take a look at the thread above. Anyone with any new insights, or any comments, let's make this one lively.

    My only comment at this point is: Why weren't we invited to the meeting?

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    I regret to say that I missed the 'personhunt' events
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    I think Ragnar and his crew (if he has any) actually does follow this forum. The way I see it, we are kinda like the bug-hunters on the Test Server are for the code. We look for flaws, incongruities, areas that can be exploited, and areas that can be improved on.

    The Story will be the one thing that will keep people in the game once they hit 200. That is of course assuming they can keep it going and put their coders on 'De-Staticating' the world.

    Everybody has the ICC peacekeepers in their face right now. Somebody who joins the game tomorrow will be sure to get a round of 'remember when' with respect to CoT guards, The Amnesty, mayhem zones, ...

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