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Thread: Friday with Means - June 25th, 2010 - Happy Birthday..Holy sh*t we're NINE!

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    Seems, like the AO team talking about the funnier bugs the most, we like our newb moments the most. Which is ironic considering all the newb bashing that goes on.

    Anywho, the one I remember the most is on my first toon. I'd rolled an adventurer and went Omni having been told they got more money and was the better choice for newbs who were broke. Exited newb island and didn't see Rome, at all. Oh it was there, I just didn't look in that direction, ignoring the crowd that was around the subway I proceeded to run alllll the way down the road and through the fields to the first player city I could find and happened to wander through the Newland wompah.

    Thinking this was the starter city I set about learning the game, discovering the mission terminal and hunting just outside Newland. With my (rl) friend by my side laughing and enjoying the crazy stuff we saw and did it was a great time.
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    I remember my first mission. I had pulled it in Bor and the mission itself was in West Athens.

    I had never been outside Bor or Newland and I didnt really know how the whoompah system worked. So i just started running from bor. Didnt have any good map, hadnt even seen the DOVVE's map. Man that was one scary trip. I was so proud when i finally reached Athens. First time around i got killed by a minibull, so second time I took no chances and tried to sneak by every single mob i saw.

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    Funniest moments.

    First beast raid with Hellcom, which was a huge raid.

    Logging on to hear "The Unicorns are pink!" was brilliant. Omni-Teks hardest, most feared troops being bright pink and called unicorns.

    Waiting outside the Grind for 4 hours for it to open because i didnt have anything better to do. (I would have liked the AO addict t-shirt for that).

    Keep up the good work you guys and enjoy the celebrations, I'm guessing there wont be much work done on monday...But i think we can let you off there.

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    Favorite memory, that's a tricky one. I remember a party at baboons years ago, it was my first time playing the game and I was playing on a level 20ish adventurer (On RK2, I actually didn't find out that it was on RK2 until around 2005 or 2006, I was wondering why the hell no one knew what Evil, Inc. was :P). It was a coop organisation party if I remember correctly, and somehow I got into an argument with another player, I have no idea how, but I remember me saying I would keel him if I could.

    Not knowing that PvP actually existed in the game, it ended up with us heading to the arena with the organisations comming to watch, and then some MA from the other players organisation came in and healed him (I think you had to press a button to enter), I had no idea about it, but apparantly my organisation did and it ended with me seeing my first AO gank :P Then some 200 in the organisation gave me a ql 200 adventurer pistol (can't remember if it was a BBI or a Kaen-Archibald Kolt) because he thought I did a good job

    That's when I for the first time felt that AO was special, and no other game has yet managed to top the encounters I have had in AO, both good and bad ones!
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    The colour-fail is strong in here!
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    Did Kintaii sing sweet home Alabama? And if so, did you get video?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technogen View Post
    Did Kintaii sing sweet home Alabama? And if so, did you get video?
    No but some other people did ;P
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    Looking back over almost 9 years of playing AO I found myself smiling, laughing, and even misting up over various memories this game has given me. I could not fathom trying to name a favorite. Instead, I give a sincere thank you to those who have worked toward keeping AO going, and heartfelt hugs to those I’ve had the pleasure of sharing this wonderful journey.

    Happy Birthday AO. May there be many, many more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zartosht
    Question: will we be someday able to buy a ready to pop 220 toon with vet points?
    Quote Originally Posted by Means
    No. Not while I am in charge at any rate.

    That being said a character part-way (say level 200) might be something I would consider for vets who already have a 220 main.

    This is called "waffling"? 220 just feels offensive...200 a little less.
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    You has happy time. Thank you AO devs.
    Please, give change form. Want main be neutral. Red vs Blue are boring now.
    220 veteran player, no more complain for level alt. Do something and stop whine! (Take cry people friend with you.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by crude4gone View Post
    I had never been outside Bor or Newland and I didnt really know how the whoompah system worked. So i just started running from bor. Didnt have any good map, hadnt even seen the DOVVE's map. Man that was one scary trip. I was so proud when i finally reached Athens. First time around i got killed by a minibull, so second time I took no chances and tried to sneak by every single mob i saw.
    haha, same thing happened to me, but on the way from WA to Bor. I didn't have the sense to try and sneak past the mobs, though.
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    Thanks FC and all the folks that have worked on it over the years, and to the players that keep it going.

    Can't wait to see what's to come.

    Favourite memories.. Too many to name, and yeah, I know no one knows me.


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    "j00 r0xx0r, tzalman!
    You last visited: Jan 1st, 1970 at 00:00:00"

    Apparently AO has been around longer than we all thought, with pre-alpha starting back when the internet first started!!!

    On a more serious note...
    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    Create a Veteran Account
    It is important to mention that in the near future we will be enabling the transfer of characters to Veteran Accounts from Regular accounts. (ie: Move my 220 Doctor from my main account to my new Vet Account). 2000 Paid Points.

    WHEN! OMG WHEN. Ive been waiting since 2003 for this!
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    Thanks Means, that literally brought a tear into my eye. It's such a good feeling to be part of something this grand. Some say people are "wasting their life away" with MMOG's - I say something that gets people involved this much can't be a waste. I am really grateful for all the years, all the happy memories this game brought me.

    Favorite AO memory? That's a tricky one... I really dunno. There are lots of them that I treasure; no single most favorite moment I could point out. Some of the best ones:

    First there were the noobie times, when everything was shiny and new and you were actually exploring the playfields. I loved that. Falling in love with the cyberpunk-ish feel of it all.
    Making money for my first yalm. OMG I can't believe how hard that was (bought it for 5.8m I think).
    My first MP toon. Soloing with an MP is such fun, no other professions can make soloing that interesting.
    Getting involved with my first org. Froobzerging omni towers. Making General.
    Rescuing a poor lil omlet who got stuck in OA, only to have him join our side and our org a few days later.
    Subscribing to SL, getting the first view of the vast landscapes of the Shadowlands.
    My first doc toon. Teaming with a doc is just as fun as soloing with an MP.
    City raiding with my org friends. One team, one purpose. My first mothership tour, I was sooo scared...

    Happy Birthday, AO.
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    the least favorite moment in AO History for me would be the Fall Damage deaths that always happened after deyalming and stuff..... yeah never fun
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    Happy B-day, AO team and players.

    At least the free month allowed me to writethis post.

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    Favorite memory?

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    Having a GM try to remove your fp-trader on 1st of april: Priceless

    (Thought i could trick a nooby froob-ark, but got Gannondorph himself. Was surprised that he didn't insta-spot my joke and happy that he didn't insta-kill me after i told him I was really a trader )

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    Iriche looks too asian

    My best memory is leading about 30 people, in walk mode from EFP to PW, because someone passed on a Heavy Notum Tank, I marched him, literally, to PW.

    Along the way, guild people joined in, as well as a GM or two, out of the sheer pointless stupidity it all entailed.

    The walk took about 7 hours in the end.. probably the most fun I've had in the game
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    last year i uploaded a lot of my screenshots (dating back to early '03) there. i guess, most people find them really boring because they didn't make them themselves, but who knows..doesn't hurt to have them

    epic moment... i have to think on that one

    my first kill of aze in totw, that was really cool xD
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    gief t-shirts! more devs should do what metaing does and just spawn em in everyones inventories
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