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Thread: For all the serious Role Players out there

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    For all the serious Role Players out there


    The Clan guild of Dragon Coalition has been reborn! From the ashes of the past, Dragon Coalition is again looking for serious Role Players to join. The guild is rather small now but growing at a rather fast pace. What you can expect if you join is comradeship from other members, lot’s of equipment and nanos, and above all else Fun!

    We hold events with other Clan guilds as well as Omni guilds. We are seeking Role Players of all types, veterans and others that just wish to sample what Role Playing is about.

    So if interested, please see our website at (site is slightly being modified as I type)

    Or contact the following people in-game:

    Kizaki – President
    Apocryphal – Executive
    Selwood – Executive
    Symbotic – Executive

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    Thanks for taking the initiative to post here, Symb. I just wanted to add a couple things.

    Dragon Coalition was formed within the first week or so of retail release. It has had the same leader (me) for all that time and ran quite successfully for over a year. In that time, I have learned much about being a leader from the many and varied situations that arose both within the guild and externally.

    DC has been sort of on hold for a few weeks while I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and what sort of guild I wanted to offer. I am now ready to dedicate more time and effort to rebuilding Dragon Coalition, focusing more heavily on roleplay and staying in-character. I am interested not only in external RK stories, but in playing out stories related to the backgrounds/personalities of individual members.

    Anyone interested in joining us at this time will have the opportunity to help in redefining the goals and structure of the new, improved Dragon Coalition.

    I know there are many bright and creative individuals out there in the world of Rubi-Ka who seek just such an opportunity, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Kizaki - Director of Dragon Coalition (located on RK1)

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