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    Sometimes you need a few props to set the scene for an event, but the type of item you need just can't be found on short notice (or worse, doesn't exist in the database).

    Sometimes you need to improvise with other items, so why not start a thread about different items that can be used as props?

    If you need a video screen on a wall, try putting Bacchante's frosted glass table on a wall.
    I suppose you could use any glass-topped table, but I haven't tried the "This Means" table to see how it looks.
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    Great idea! I myself have been in the home decorating business for a while now, where I've learned some creative item use. So far I've used the standard RK apartments for making several regular homes, a nightclub, a high-end office, a messy bar and a storage warehouse.

    One of my favorite ones so far is the use of a Weird Looking Bomb as counter of sorts (yep, my kitchen is build out of instable explosives). I've also used the Carpet Strip of Maze and a Nice Painting (the red one with the tree, since it fits the carpet) for an improvised bed + pillow. The warehouse is filled with the agent holograms (metal/wood crate, barrel), like the Christmas trees they are temporary items (10 minutes) but they don't disappear when placed in an apartment. For a chaotic mess I'd use beer cans and bottles, rusty furniture, barstools and the occasional trash can. By placing an item on a wall close to the floor, it looks as if it's fallen over. In my jobe luxury apartment I placed a carpet strip of maze on the floating cabinets near the balcony to make it into a desk. Carbonrich rocks can make for a great mystical look or eye catchers on a shelf in the luxury apartment.
    I'd think the This Means table won't work as well as Bacchante's because of it's higher table top and more detailed legs.

    Beware though, in apartments there are several bugs to keep in mind!
    • A few certain items will reset to default position (top up) when placed on a ceiling or wall. So far I've had this with the agent holograms and the floor lamps available in RK shops (orange/green/blue ones). A shame since they look awesome as hanging lamps over my dining table. I petitioned the bug once but I fear the only thing that caused was a good laugh for the GM's who read my petition "Floor lamps can't be placed on the ceiling". At first I thought these lamps were just deleted, until I tried the same in my jobe luxury apartment and someone said he saw the lamps when he stuck his head out of the ceiling collision.
    • When placing items on the shelves in the luxury apartment bedroom, they appear top down, but the base of the item would still be mounted to the top of the shelf, effectively sticking the item straight trough the shelf. On small items they disappear into the shelf completely (yep, poor ceiling leet trapped in the woodwork somewhere).
    • When buying plants, keep in mind that not all items are what they look like on the icon. There used to be a plant with a pink flower (still located in some city parks and Rubi-Ka landscape. The icon of this plant is still there, but somehow something went wrong in the database, making the plant completely different.

    Keep in mind that when you "lose" an item in your apartment due to bugs, you'll effectively lose 1 of your already tight lock of max 30 items per apartment.

    With the change of making non-nodrop items not droppable except for a number of furniture items, tons of great items with fixtures other then the box-with-question-mark were made unavailable for use, most notably the popular leet doll.
    Also tons of brilliant items that are frequently used as developer tool in creating mission/dungeon rooms, including the much needed beds, toilets and sinks, never got a database entry and made available to players.

    While I could go on and on about what's wrong with apartments and how it should be fixed, this is not really the thread for it so I'll make a new one in game suggestions sometime
    If anyone wants to take a look at my demo rooms, needs some decoration advice or is looking for that special piece of furniture, contact Leileena on RK1 and I'll see if I can help out (damn, this post is providing information that might put Leileena's Life Shop out of business already!).

    If I have some time I may add screenshots to clarify some things.

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