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Thread: Council of Truth Press Release - May 30, 29484

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    Council of Truth Press Release - May 30, 29484

    Council of Truth
    May 30th, 29483 - Press release

    Shift of balance in the Council

    Until the last session, held on May 29, three Legacy Clans were leading with the same amount of affiliated Clans behind them: The Sentinels, The Knights of Avalon and The Unionists. Clan Anarchist Syndicate, still unaffiliated until last session, declared affiliation and gave its support to Simon Silverstone. With this, The Sentinels take the lead in the number of supporter Clans.

    Silverstone elected for Council Speaker

    After an initial vote leading to a tie between Tristram Solis, Kisra Delus and Simon Silverstone, the election ended with a last vote to break the tie. At the issue of that vote, Simon Silverstone, leader of "The Sentinels", emerged with the most votes. When asked if he was willing to assume the position, Commander Silverstone agreed.

    The Council Speaker is chosen by the Council to be the voice of the Council and reflects the orientation of the Council for the duration of the warrant. The Council Speaker is elected approximately every six months.

    This was the second tie-breaker in the same session, both favoring Commander Silverstone.

    Attendance of Legacy Clans

    There was an exceptional level of attendance from the Legacy Clans. Five out of seven Legacy Clans Leaders were present at the May session. Aideen Landau, leader of Legacy Clan The Unionists, attended despite obvious fatigue. On behalf of the Council, a speedy recovery to Mr. Landau. The Council had a surprise with the return of the leader of the Legacy Clan Terra Firma, Hayden Okoli. After the session, Mr. Okoli said that we should see him more often from now on, having completed several tasks that required all his attention.

    Next session

    June 30th, 29484
    18:00 Rubi-Ka time
    Tower of Truth in Tir.

    For ulterior sessions, please consult the Council calendar.

    To attend, click here for details.

    Clans leaders who want their Clan to become member of the Council of Truth can click here for information.

    Previous press releases of the Council of Truth can be viewed by clicking here.
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