In 2003 I read a little known story written by a player like us. The title was "Battle of Athens", giving a historical point of view of the timeline events in which Omni-2 became Old Athen. I was hooked, and even tho I tried to find the author, I couldn't find him.

Soon after I joined AO Vault as a staffer. I think within a few days I discovered to the guy who I was working at there was the author!

It was none other than Craig "Sillirrion" Morrison. He inspired me to create Noticiero and write 70+ in-character articles. During my 2 years working with him at AOV he made Part 2 of the story I had enjoyed reading, and wrote another article (in 2 parts) about the Dust Brigade. Funcom was smart enough to snatch him from IGN to become AO's Community Manager, then Game Director for AO and finally as GD of Age of Conan.

My point here is that a PLAYER was able to write a historical chapter of AO without contradicting the storyline, in the contrary, it complemented it and made it richer. Right now the RHS is in-game most likely because of Silirrion's influence and love for roleplaying and the AO storyline.

We as players have the potential to also expand and enrich the timeline, with our own spin and ****e to make a simple timeline entry of a paragraph into an exciting moment in Rubi-Kan history. I'm not sure how many truly knew the origin of the Rubi-Ka Historical Society, but I figured since roleplayers are starting to look at this forum, this little piece of information may come in handy.

And Craig, if you ever read this. I learned a lot from you, and I know you had to deal with a lot of roleplaying bs from me (back in those years I was very hardcore), thanks for those 2 wonderful years man. It was your drive and passion as a gamer that made me realize that I could make a difference.