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    ((just a small ongoing story that I was planning on doing in game, but not had much time for. Everyones free to pitch in additions, continuations and branches with their characters))

    Two figures stand in an alley way in newland, one slouched against a wall the other talking animatedly.

    Casorinth: So I need a crate of those message containers and a two tones of unrefined notum, is that doable by monday?

    The slouching figure stares and slowly reaches for the toothpick held in his mouth.

    Xenotric: Weeerl, it shouldn' be a problem getting 'em, containers I'll do you for.. hmmm.. 5.5 and the twotun fer 12, you can come pick 'em up at Bliss on monday.
    Casorinth: Urgh, you know I dislike going their, I almost always get shot at by the guards!
    Xenotric: Well if you would run around with the corporation down south rather than making business freely 'ere with the clans what do you expect!
    Casorinth: Hah but I get better profit with Omni-tek! But still, any chance you could deliver them? I got a place in trade that shouldn't be a problem to get to with someone of your skills, will send the the warehouse access codes sometime saturday
    Xenotric: It'll cost yeh
    Casorinth: ...How much?

    Xenotric places the toothpick back into his mouth.

    Xenotric: Another point five?
    Casorinth: A bit much for delivery... but I guess its better then getting shot, deal!

    The two figures shake hands the woman walks out the alley and away from sight.

    Xenotric: I guess I better get started... think the guys in the den might be able to get me those containers, guess I should try there first...

    The figure spits the toothpick out onto the ground and disappears into the grid in a flash of light.

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    Xenotric stands outside a cave entrace:

    Xenotric: Damnit I 'ate this place... why 'ave your base inside an insect den!

    He pulls out a small multi-spacial phasing beacon and attaches it to his clothes.

    Xenotric: Well business is business, sooner I get through 'ere sooner I can get away from the bugs.

    With a sigh he pulls out a small machine pistol and sprints into the cave.

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