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Thread: [RK2] OTPC Freelance: Omni-Pol Crackdown on Smugglers

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    [RK2] OTPC Freelance: Omni-Pol Crackdown on Smugglers

    Omni-Pol Crackdown on Smugglers
    May 28, 29484 - Agent Cora [Rimor]

    OTPC Freelance - Following reports that Notum smuggling and illegal trade figures are once again on the rise, Omni-Pol plans to execute another crackdown, similar to a previous project which was huge success. Miss ‘Agentcora’ Geers, an Omni-Pol affiliate released a public speech regarding the plans.

    “As previously stated by Lt. Gen. Robert Rosuma, Commander of the Armed-Forces on Rubi-Ka; Notum is our most treasured resource. It is the very reason we remain on this planet. A small percentage of the Rubi-Kan populace feel that shipping laws and regulations do not apply to them. Over recent weeks there has been an increase in illegal Notum smuggling and trade; this ends here. As shown in the past, Omni-Pol will, not if, but will find any and all smugglers and bring them to justice.

    Over the next month security on all shipping lanes will be drastically increased. There will be an increased watch over the trade channels and an increase in patrols throughout the trade districts. Officers will be randomly searching vehicles and persons, and ID enforcement will be geared up around shipping and distribution centers.

    You, as a fellow Omni-Tek employee can help with this battle on crime, and help eliminate the small percentage of people that aim to ruin our society, by looking out for suspect persons or vehicles. Should you spot any then you should immediately report it to your nearest Omni-Pol Officer.

    Thank you.
    Omni-Tek Protects

    ‘Agentcora’ Geers
    Director of Omni-Pol Alpha Division“

    Miss Geers is expected to release a further public speech once the crackdown has passed, reporting on the success of the initiative.

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    Leileena frowns as she browses trough the Rubi-Ka news headlines

    "Oh crud, what's that captain's callsign again..."

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    Thanks for the advanced notice, pokerface. *snicker*
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    "Maaaaan. Everybody hates contractors.' Lawdog shakes his head in disgust and spins around in his seat. Spying Silver sitting in the squad bay, he calls out, 'Hey Silver. C'mere!'

    Getting up and mumbling something about "Fools and Englishmen", Silver walks over. 'What do you want, Hippy?'

    Shaking his long, dark hair away from his face, he points at the monitor, 'Read this!'

    With a sigh, Silver leans over Laws shoulder and reads the article. 'Heh. Upset cause you didnt get a mention on the smuggling ring you tripped over?'

    I didn't "trip" over it! I found it during a thorough investigation.'

    Silver laughs, 'Sure, if you dont take into account you weren't investigating smuggling at the time.'

    Law scoffs, 'Dont matter! I still found it!'

    'Whatever. Wonder if this is gonna mean more work for us. Think Ill just wonder over and see if the Boss has seen this.'

    Turning back to the comm, Law grumbles to himself, 'No justice, I tell ya!'

    ((edit: oops, didnt notice this was an RK2 thread))
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    Because we said so.
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    From The Loony bin this comes...why should we care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestorm518 View Post
    From The Loony bin this comes...why should we care?
    Real professionals don't announce their intent to sack specifically targetted holdings. I think even if this intent is truly in the works, its a waste of time. Siege a nest of angry criminals and bugs to satisfy your own personal agenda to look good in front of your boss? Absolutely fantastic waste of resources for something with no long term affect.

    Best of luck. If you hear any nearby laughing when this goes down... it aint me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestorm518 View Post
    From The Loony bin this comes...why should we care?

    Just so you know, i don't RP with my current Org. This comes from Omni-Pol Alpha Division, not the loony bin :P .. well prehaps a loony bin but not that one

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