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Thread: [RK2] FJRK: Beverly "Lightswift" Puller - spy or victim?

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    [RK2] FJRK: Beverly "Lightswift" Puller - spy or victim?

    Beverly -Lightswift- Puller - spy or victim?
    May 26, 29484 - Uther Draconis [Rimor]

    FJRK - Beverly "Lightswift" Puller aka Jessica Pullman, died almost five years ago, while trying to bomb the Tower of Truth in Tir.

    This is what we know and what we take as a given, but there's a conundrum: Was she a spy or a victim?

    I find myself in quite a dilemma. One that may not have a solution, but for the honor and the memory of one who may be innocent of what is believed of her I have a need to present a case to you, the readers.

    The case of Beverly "Lightswift" Puller is a strange case with many sides to it. I have learned so much from those that I have talked to and they were able to tell me much about the person behind the story and the case itself. Still, after all the interviews and digging, it remains a case that does not present a solution or true answer and maybe it never will. My hope is that perhaps there is someone yet out there who can shed light on the following questions:

    Was Beverly "Lightswift" Puller - otherwise known as Jessica Pullman - truly a willing spy? Duping the clans and neutrals who came to know her five years ago in the Cup and the Happy Rebel? Or was she a victim of manipulation? Acting by someone else's will other than her own.
    I have heard tales that give great substance to both of those ideas. Perhaps there is someone out there who can lay to rest that particular question.
    Someone who can calm the memories of those who find themselves still second guessing their actions that faithful day that lead to the death of this now enigmatic woman.

    These are the facts, the hard facts of the events that occurred almost exactly five years ago:

    Fact: Beverly Puller, who worked in both the Cup and the Happy Rebel, had started her life before coming there as Jessica Pullman. This in itself is not that unusual nor condemning. Many of our fellow clanners started life under the yoke of Omni-Tek employment. The change in name was not that unusual in itself. Nor the fact she didn't make it widely known, only those who felt they were her close friends knew of this part of her life.

    Fact: She made many friends. Some who strongly question the perceptions of her actions even to this day.

    Fact: She had been observed in the early parts of 29479, by no less than Alan Jacobi, handing over material to an Omni-Pol Captain by the name of April Honer. What was this information? Were those, as Mister Jacobi believes, Clan secrets that she had been using her cover and her friendships to extract? Or was it rather, as one of her close friends, Miss Kate "Falikos" Phare believes, a bribe to keep the Omni-Pol officer off her back for having caught her in some nefarious but otherwise harmless activities?

    Fact: In May of 29479, following the shooting of Philip Ross, many people found themselves temporarily the "guests" of Omni-Tek. Many of these people remember the roll-calls of who was included in the various cells. Beverly was among them. And it is remembered that it was announced she was released to Reform. At first, when asked about this by Commander Silverstone and others, she had denied this totally. Then apparently changed her story saying that it was a confusion on the part of reform as they were actually looking for Jessica Pullman. This is a troubling point as some of the evidence I have uncovered indicates that Beverly Puller and Jessica Pullman were one and the same.

    Fact: In an effort to clear her name of the su****ions of various Clan leaders she performed some of her smuggling jobs under observation by various people. One of those, as related by her close friend Miss Phare, was apparently to deliver material once again to the afore mentioned April Honer. Was this as Kate Phare believed -and still believes to this day- an attempt to silence a blackmailing Omni? Or in fact her delivering sensitive material as is expected from a spy?

    Fact: But a few days following this, Beverly Puller was seen in a very distracted state by Kate Phare in the Cup. According to her observations Miss Puller appeared to not be herself at all almost as if she was being controlled.

    Fact: Shortly afterwards Beverly Puller planted bombs around the Tower of Truth where she was confronted and eventually killed by the actions of Hyperion Adama and Commander Simon Silverstone, defending the city of Tir from what would have been a major catastrophe. Recollections of this have been heard from many members of the Council and leaders of various clans who were involved in the dramatic events on that fateful day.

    Fact: Beverly Puller's own sister - or should I say the sister of Jessica Pullman - fully believed she was operating as a spy. This is given substance by some conversations with her that I was able to review and that conclusively prove that she had no doubt that her sister was working against the Clans. In some of those she even goes so far as to declare that Beverly Puller stated that the clanners were not smart enough to figure out what she was doing, that she had tricked them all.

    The facts seem to weigh strongly that Beverly Puller aka Jessica Pullman was indeed the spy that many came to believe she was. That she willingly and with great care and guile took the actions she did. That she purposely made the friendships she made, lying with great skill to those who felt they had befriended her, to better her successes.

    And then there are those who were there that day, who talked with a woman who seemed totally not herself. Controlled. Robotic. Chaotic .
    Was she indeed the cunning and mischievous spy? Or an unwilling and unwitting victim of manipulation by Omni Reform?

    In all honesty, after reviewing the recordings and conversations I have been given, and listening to the comments and remembrances of those I have been able to locate that were involved in this case, I cannot say what the truth is.

    Can you? Is there any out there, be you Clan, Neutral or Omni, who remember this woman? Do you remember these events? My hope is that there is someone who could lay to rest this uncertainty one way or another.

    No one doubts the rightfulness of the actions taken that day to protect Tir, its inhabitants and the members of the Council who would have been inside that Tower. Still, is the wide paintbrush of "spy and traitor" that this woman has been painted with the correct way to portray what happened that faithful day?

    Uther Draconis

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    ...Thank you, Utherrr. I hope sssomeone out therrre can rrrememberr sssomething; anything at all.

    I'd love to put thisss whole messs behind usss...and know what exactly happened that day.
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    Yes, Interesting indeed.

    (( and GRATZ on that 220 Nulion!! ))
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    What do you expect us to comment on? .. Waste of time if you ask me. What's done is done.
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    Where honor is concerned, time is never wasted. Of course the dead can not be brought back to life. But the memories of those who still wonder the truth of this situation could possible be laid to rest. Those who were friends of Miss Beverly, still avail her innocence of being a willing agent for Omni-Tek. Much of the facts I uncovered seem to indicate otherwise. I do not judge, I merely question.

    It is perhaps a question that has no answer. But it is none the less important to be willing to ask.

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    Thank you again for your time Sir Draconis, and being at least willing to question the official reports. Your sense of honor is admirable.

    Yes, my friend Bev was a smuggler, a barmaid, strong-willed, and opinionated. No, she wasn't a spy, or a willing participant to what she's been accused.

    All of us know someone who is stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, Bev was like that, especially when cornered. The planet is peopled by individuals who for one reason or another conceal elements of their past, where else can you so effectively run away from home than here? Those looking for a fresh start somewhere new make their way here in whatever manner they can.

    Why didn't she come out and say what was happening to her when she first got in trouble with Honer? Pride and a certain innocence; I don't think she ever thought it would escalate as it did. I'm sure it was more important to appear to be the effective smuggler she wanted to be, rather than one who was so easily caught.

    I knew my friend well, and she wasn't lying to me. What reason would there be? I'm on no Council. I hold no political seat. I have no secrets worth stealing. No spy would waste their time on me, even one who wasn't good at it. Those that question her motives are in a position where they would be fools not to wonder, I can't blame them for assuming the worst.

    Her sister is another matter. No one questioned her loyalty, her motive, her sudden appearance. Life is rarely so convenient.

    From a birds eye view it does appear that Bev did these things, but as you get closer the neatly formed picture blurs and too much does not make sense. Not to mention her strange behavior on that day.

    Again - thank you Sir Draconis. Even if it doesn't matter to Bev now, it still matters to me.

    - Katelin Phare
    President - Shattered Dreams- Rimor

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