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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Corruption in the corporation?

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    [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Corruption in the corporation?

    Corruption in the corporation?
    April 17, 29484 - Miss Lucetta Phoenix [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Amidst a successful Omni-Com raid, some interesting findings and accusations were made.

    It all started several months ago with the apparent "rogue nodes" located in the grid, churning out accusations and claims that the current Omni-Tek leadership is corrupt. Recently however, progress had been made in locating a facility in which Omni-Com believed to be the source of the intrusions to the global news wire.

    Naturally, I was curious to see if I could find out anything interesting by tagging along. The force comprised primarily of Omni-Pol and Omni-Mining employees, and didn't seem to mind my presence there as I followed them to the facility they had been asked to clear out.

    The coordinates given by an Omni-Com representative pointed to a building in the flooded area of Outpost 10-3. It all seemed like a regular assignment you would expect from the mission terminals dotted around Rubi-Ka, until however the force reached two guards wearing rather intimidating looking black armour.

    At first, combat broke out between the guards and the attacking force, but the guards themselves held their ground excellently and the fighting eventually died down into attempts at negotiation. This is where it got interesting, as the two guards began to explain their motives while Omni-Pol naturally demanded their surrender.

    The guards claimed it was the leadership of Omni-Tek that was to blame, stating:

    "They are corrupt and turning the corporation from its true purpose, and from the interest of the people. Look at what happens to those who speak the truth, to those who disappear never to be heard from again. Is that the corporation you have sworn to uphold? Or a terrorist state, lead by corrupt and treasonous directors?"

    "They have betrayed the corporation! They are unfit to be the voice! Just look at what happened in 4 Holes! OT-AF was defeated! The plan was brought to the Clans attention! And guess what? Rosuma sent too few troops! That's stupidity in the highest ranks! Look what you're doing! You're trying to destroy the truth with your weapons! Violence is the only language that you understand!"

    "We follow the ideals that Omni-Tek once upheld; we do not follow those so-called directors. What can one do if the other corrupt side is holding all the power in their hands? The media? The police? The courts? Leave now, let us do our work and restore Omni-Tek to the glory that it should have never lost."

    The attacking force continued to argue with the guards, mocking and denying their claims. It was at this point that the fighting escalated once more, being the second time that the guards opened fire, obviously believing and willing to die to protect their cause. The two guards continued to hold their ground against the impressive force of employees for some time, until the first, and eventually the second fell down.

    "Hey reporter! Listen to what happened here! If they let you go that is! The directors are corrupt! The truth will be known! Reportergirl! Get out now! Get out while they are busy with me! Tell the planet what happened here!" the guards warned during their last words. I took cover to backup the data I had collected to my home terminal, just in case something did happen to me afterwards.

    Luckily for me, the officers present simply let me free to publish what I had seen, stating to "tell the truth". The terminal was destroyed, and for Omni-Tek, this was a victory.

    ...At least for the directors.

    Attached Images:
    The "Unloyal" Guards
    Guards last stand
    Destruction of the Terminal
    Reward for "loyal" employees actions

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    ((Really well done. very nice article. ))
    Point Blank

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    Even those working for the company... are turning against them selves. Attacking those who would do good for them... The Node's they used spoke the truth... we know several people who are leaking information about Omni-Tek... we know because we use them...


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    "Interesting" way to use quotation marks. It "almost" seems like you are trying to make a political statement with the article, which feels bit weird for a "neutral" "reporter".

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    "Interesting" that "loyal" "Omni-Tek" employees were using a "Vanguard" Terminal. I smell something that reeks, probably Clan propaganda.

    Though I should Clarify, I don't mean the reporter, I mean the "loyal" "Omni-Tek" employees and what they're doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keanne View Post
    "Interesting" way to use quotation marks. It "almost" seems like you are trying to make a political statement with the article, which feels bit weird for a "neutral" "reporter".
    A neutral does not recognize Omni opinion/fact and Clan opinion/fact as null and void; the point is not to have zero policital opinions. As clan-sided as this article is it still represents the neutral point of view, willing to scrutinize either side according to her beliefs. I may be an Omni born-and-raised but I can recognize Neutrals as a third party or even a "dividing" line to what amounts to two polar beliefs.

    It's when she starts yelling "Omni-Tek are scumbag assh*les" that we should start getting su****ious.
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