Newland City Security Minister position open
April 09, 29484 - [Rimor]

IRRK - Newland City - With Minister Jamar "Dalonte" Thompon retiring from his position Newland is once again looking for someone to fill in the position of Security Minister.

The following was sent to us via mayor Toog's office and we were asked to publish it to give it the wide recognition this needs:

Citizens of Newland,
As some of you may already know our Security Minister Jamar Thompon has retired from his position after a long and productive time in our city. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors.
This of course leaves us without a Security Minister and this is not something we can or want to allow for a long while, thus if you feel that you will be able to fulfill the following requirements or even excel in that task send your application to my office via gridnet. Please include your contact information, reasons for considering you for this role and any previous job experience if applicable.

Zephrem King,
Newland Mayor

The following is a brief rundown of some of the Security Minister's tasks:
- Keeping Newland clean and safe
- Working closely with General Hekkat and the Militia
- Improving Newland's security measures
- Responding to internal and external threats to Newland's security

Editor's note:
Applicants should be advised that while Newland has been safe and secure in the last few months it has not always been that way and with Newland being one of the few completely neutral cities this position is not for the faint of heart.
Send in your applications via gridnet to this address