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Thread: [ALL] FJRK: Contrasting reactions to editor pranks.

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    [ALL] FJRK: Contrasting reactions to editor pranks.

    Contrasting reactions to editor pranks.
    April 02, 29484 - [Global]

    FJRK - Uther Draconis – Reactions to editorial pranks highlight contrasts between Omni and Clan

    An interesting day to reflect on contrasts. The day after April first, and all the associated pranks and jokes that day is warranted to bring our way. Even the editors of some of the main stream publications appeared to get into the act yesterday. However, as this day dawned, and word of the response of Omni-Tek to the prank started by an anonymous editor of OTPC, I had some concern as to what the Clan reaction to the similar prank from the FJRK editor would be.

    With this in mind, I made contact with the Vanguard offices. I asked to speak to the Vanguard leader Alan Jacobi in regards to these articles. He was gracious enough to take a break from his obviously busy schedule to have a quick chat with me.

    His reaction to reading the initial article from OTPC, and the follow up similar prank article from FJRK, apparently had the man nearly choking on his cigar as he was enjoying his morning breakfast. He reassured me that the FJRK editor had nothing to fear from him however, stating:

    "Outside of the fact that perhaps the FJRK gang may have gotten a bit overzealous leading some people to believe I was actually in negotiations with Domovoi Prime, I found it quite humorous. I am definitely not Ivan. I almost feel sorry for that poor editor at OTPC offices today. But at least the clans can laugh with a joke."

    Mister Jacobi simply verified that there are no plans to start any such negotiations with Domovoi Prime.

    He laughs, and reassures people, while Director Sergeyich arrests and personally questions the hapless OTPC Editor. One can make the assumption that there is little laughter involved in that encounter.

    Yes, one definitely can almost feel sorry for the anonymous editor for the OTPC.

    FJRK – Uther Draconis
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    What anonymous editor for the OTPC? Never heard of one and never will.
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    Man, and I was sooo looking to get my hand on some vodka recipes.
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