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Thread: [RK1] IRRK: Emergency Broadcast System Report

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    [RK1] IRRK: Emergency Broadcast System Report

    Planetary Scans are detecting a large hostile threat amassing on the planet!

    All Rubi-kan Forces are asked to prepare them selves for battle.

    Systems scanning for coordinates

    Estimated Completion time: 18:00 RST

    Once prepared please monitor this feed for coordinates at the stated time!

    20 minutes remaining...

    10 minutes remaining...

    Hostile base located...

    Coordinates: Avalon 1300 x 2800

    All Forces move!

    Planetary Scans are detecting hostile threat has been neutralized.

    The many governments thank the defenders for their defense work.
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    Hmm, 2 hours to go, best go get some ammo to sell!

    ((for those that don't know RST is GMT)
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    ((As Aelys))

    Yes, it was a great time for us to pull together and defend our planet.

    The 3 times Omni-Tek employees tried to kill me notwithstanding. This is why we can never have peace - even when under attack by aliens, Omnis find their priority is attacking Clanners and neuts defending the planet.
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    nice to see a forum announcement wish I could have attended once again

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    Was a lot of fun, I ended up with a few bots as a bonus to the axp and break from the normal fun

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