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Thread: [ALL] FJRK: Alan Jacobi Announces Deal with Freelancers Inc.

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    [ALL] FJRK: Alan Jacobi Announces Deal with Freelancers Inc.

    Alan Jacobi Announces Deal with Freelancers Inc.
    March 31, 29484 - [Global]

    FRJK - Alan Jacobi Announces Deal with Freelancers Inc.

    In a landmark announcement this Wednesday, Alan Jacobi of the clan Vanguards issued a press release stating his intention to bring the galaxy-spanning work-for-hire agency Freelancers Inc. to Rubi-Ka. In a pre-recorded statement released to the media, Mr. Jacobi had this to say:

    "Over the last several weeks I and my retainers have been hard at work to bring a new dynamic to Rubi-Ka - A new, easier way for our citizens to receive the help they need among the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life on the frontier. We are pleased to announce that after many long hours at the negotiation table, we have signed a partnership deal with the galaxy-wide corporation Freelancers Inc. and will be offering their services in the city of Old Athens very soon."

    In the press release, Mr. Jacobi goes on to state that a Freelancers Inc.-branded office would be opening in Old Athens over the coming weeks, enabling the citizens of Rubi-Ka to partake in their services. Senior Vice-President in charge of Public Relations, Mr. Sarman Smith, had the following to say regarding the announcement.

    "We are very pleased to be able to broker a deal with Mr. Jacobi and bring our services to Rubi-Ka. For many years we have wanted to expand into the bleeding-edge frontier society of Rubi-Ka and we are quite thrilled that Mr. Jacobi and his organization has extended us the invitation to join them in helping to make Rubi-Ka a better place for everyone."

    This partnership marks the first time that a Freelancers Inc.-branded office would be allowed on Rubi-Ka; previously, attempts to bring their services to the planet have failed, according to some partly due to the rather hefty infrastructure costs placed on anyone who wishes to partner with a Freelancers Inc. franchise. An anonymous informant from within the Vanguards organization has informed the FJRK that this deal was made possible partly by the Freelancers Inc. organization absorbing most of the startup costs themselves, leaving the financial burden off the main Clan leaders.

    Though further details have yet to be released, indicators seem to point toward the newly-founded office opening in Old Athens within the next three weeks - A quick turn-around time for a service many are certain will bring quite a bit of revenue to the area. We spoke with the Vanguards Chief Trade Officer Ramon Bauer regarding the deal, who had the following to say:

    "We in the Vanguards are very pleased to offer the unique services of Freelancers Inc. to the free people of Rubi-Ka. This partnership will not only bring increased trade and revenue potentials to Old Athens, but also provides a public service for those in need of help. I look forward to seeing the response to the agency, and hope that clan-aligned citizens from all across Rubi-Ka see this as a wonderful opportunity to not only exciting, interesting new work, but also as a chance to help out their fellow clanners."

    More information on the opening of the Old Athens Agency will be released as soon as the FJRK knows more.

    About Freelancers Inc.:

    Freelancers Inc. is an award-winning, galaxy-wide corporation providing middleman services for those in need. With a proprietary tracking and database system, the Freelancers Inc. corporation enables both the troubled and the adventurous alike unique opportunities backed by professional services, with franchise locations on over eighty-five planetary bodies. With over seventy-five years of experience, Freelancers Inc. has become synonymous with the phrase "work for hire", and provides employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. For more information, visit a Freelancers Inc. franchise location near you.

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    The Council of Truth applauds Mr. Jacobi and the Vanguard's efforts to bring new opportunities to the free citizens of Rubi-Ka. We look forward to providing new opportunities for Rubi-Kans, just as Clan Day approaches.

    Perhaps, this will boost Mr. Jacobi's votes in the Council Speaker elections. Mr. Jacobi, we thank you, and look forward to your report at our next meeting.
    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia - Savior, Council Clerk
    Cindi "Razishlyat" Bolieu - Advisor Eternalist

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