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Thread: [Neutral] Spirit Walkers is recruiting

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    [Neutral] Spirit Walkers is recruiting

    The neutral organization Spirit Walkers is now recruiting!

    If you are interested in joining a friendly neutral org Spirit Walkers is for you. We have a good mix of players, some interested in PVP, some not, some S10 toons, some who like to sit around and some who are very active.

    Spirit Walkers has active high level toons and many active lower level toons currently working their way through the subway, TOTW and Foremans, some of them on their mains toons, so there is teaming available from org mates.

    Spirit Walker Details:
    Level Requirements: none
    Language: English based org chat
    Player Shops: yes (Many open spots)
    Froob friendly: yes
    Drama free chat: required
    Towers: Not a primary focus

    If you are interested in a friendly environment to play AO, then Spirit Walkers is for you. If you've made a commitment to play AO, then you might as well do it with friends.

    Ndure President:
    [*unoffically voted most missed player when he isn't on]

    Post by Egri, contact me for updates or changes.

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    A few from the SW did a round of the prisoners last night, then went to CoH to pick-up some robes. Something is always happening with SW... interested?

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    Please visit our website, it is now new and improved. I'm hoping that all of our potential members will find it interesting.

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    As President of Spirit Walkers may I say, we welcome all perspective recruits to our Organization. Fully subscribed or Froob, Long Time or New player all are welcome to pursue their game style within our Org. We have a membership which is both knowledgeable and learning which can help guide you through your endeavors or sit at rezz and laugh with you about your mistakes. Membership in Spirit Walkers will definitely make your experiences in AO more enjoyable!

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    We have a website at
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    Spirit Walkers - Still Alive

    Spirit Walkers is still an active org with paid, sloob and froob players of all levels. We are a helpful and friendly org.

    If you are Neutral and are or plan to be an active player, please let us know you are interested.

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