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Thread: 3 word story

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    "helped anyone before...
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    moment of rambling,
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    Re: 3 word story

    Originally posted by Zeridox
    Once there were
    People who called for nerfing in the forums..............

    "Now there are"

    People who whine about the nerfing

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    moment of rambling
    forgot his bananas
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    Originally posted by Gridguardian

    forgot his bananas
    , apples, lemon and

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    ass, most people
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    thought that he

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    left the church
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    because of his
    Spewing truth from every orifice.
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    prostate was too

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    Originally posted by Mega^|3io
    prostate was too
    itchy. But he

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    killed a small
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    Originally posted by Alysanda
    killed a small
    , furry rollerrat with

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    a slayerdroid, that
    Q u o t e:

    Pardon me for hijacking the thread, here..

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