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Thread: Siphon Box

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    Siphon Box

    I've heard down the road while playing AO about this perk, how it's broken, etc. Well, now that my Engineer "Hydrojen" is level 150 now, I decided to go about testing the perk.

    Here's what I have observed so far:

    1) Proc works as long as the pet does not zone. I did this in Elysium, and pet kept his Siphon Box effect as long as it was on him.
    2) If he does zone, it appears that the proc will no longer activate, even if recasted. This has been done through at least 3 fights in a row with Fair Trade bartenders, without giving the Slayer any buffs to add damage, for maximum number of hits.
    3) If a fresh pet is made and Siphon Box is activated, the proc will work again. The first fight I did with a fresh Slayerdroid produced 6 procs.

    Any chance of a fix, or any other observations?
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    afaik these bugs are long reported but FC didnt really care.. well maybe they will now
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    Last I heard they arent sure just wtf is causing it. Its a weird one.
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