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Thread: Official Engineer Wish List

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    Official Engineer Wish List

    This is the New engie Wish List as voted on by the majority of active forum reading Engineers.

    The List has been split in to 4 sections that it was felt would allow Devs and our most beloved Game director to pick and choose from for any new content as required.

    Pets and pet related content

    1.) Adding an element of tactics and fun to the engineer as a profession can only be a good thing, with that in mind i would like to request the implimentation of "knockback" to a new short duration psychosis pet (meaning we can not have the dog cast during use).
    A Centrifugal gladiator bot, on a smaller scale than current gladiator bot pets (small pets are both cute and funny).
    The basic premise for this pet would be that its torso spins rapidly on the spot with arms outstretched "knocking back" anyone in arms length or who gets too close to it. (possibly add a small dmg hit to everyne it effects, though dmg is not the main purpose of this pet)
    This would lead to the end of "blob pvp" as a single engineer would be able to scatter any blob with this pet.
    While engineers have the abbility to "protect from orbital strikes" with the use of jamming towers, this has lead to a "leap frog" approach to pvp where the blob moves from one jamming tower to the next, this pet would enable us to also remove the umbrella protection of the jamming tower by disspersing the blob congregating around the jamming tower.
    Above everything else this would be fun to watch and "Fun" should be the defining quality of player content in AO, we are after all here to enjoy ourselves.

    2.) Fix the Legendary Kamikaze Bot, a small aoe "shell shocked" stun buff and some small damage would improve our abbility to catch a target who is kiting our pets while not making us a "crowd controll" profession.
    It has been suggested that an area nuke that uses the pets entire nanopool in one go, while dotting itself with a high dmg 1 second tick dot would be the best way to fix any problems previousely found with this pet.
    A change to the mesh, to make it a very small Trash King Lackey type junk bot would also add a sense of fun to it and create a "home made" impression.

    3.) Please drop the lvl req on the 201 slayer pet "Slayerdroid Annihilator" Currently this pet remains un-used or reserved for social events where it is only cast for style value.
    This slayer has lower dmg output than the lvl 200 rk slayer but significantly higher AR, reducing the Cast req to level 165 would give this pet a purpose and greatly improve tl5-tl6 pvp.

    Personal Offensive content.

    1.) We have no prof specific, pvp oriented weapons, doctors got the left and right hand pistols, mp's got the tigress, Traders recieved thier Silverback. we are feeling left out! we are not asking for an AS/FA/burst/fling weapon that we can alpha people with but something newer and more appropriate to our toolset than the REC3 is something we are sorely in need of.(Partialy fixed with recent MEP upgrades)

    2.) We would like some trade skill specific attacks, much like MA attacks, If engineers "aren't worthy to wear commando armor" - give us a reason to go with an alternate set up.
    These could also be used to impliment the "mech healing" that was promised with Lost Eden but never deliverd or allow engies to harm mechs without having to equip a rocket launcher, Since Engineers have such poor support for our weapons that in the majority of cases we are unable to self equip our weapons.

    3.) Please remove the TL6 requirement on the ql200 Master engineer pistol or lower it to TL4, currently the Augmented Master Engineer pistol is one of the favoured weapons of tl5 pvp twinks, it makes little sense that they should have to make a weapon they are unable to use at tl5 and THEN upgrade it to ql300 so that they can then use it, The engie pistol was ment to be a weapon from lvl 1 to end game and if the tl6 lock was removed from the ql200 version of the gun, it could be again.

    Personal Defensive content.

    1.) Widow/T-60 transferance. A new engie morph transforming us in to either our 220 pet or the T-60 (snake bot) model, allowing us to use pet heals and root resist on ourselves at 1/2 or 1/3 efficiency.
    2100ish reqs are expected. But attack/recharge must be below 5 seconds each.

    2.) Blind/-Reflect/Snares All require an update, They are outdated and useless in todays NR rich environment, with 180% V's NR checks they will not land in pvp and given the increase in all profession offense would not be adequate even if they did.
    One very important detail that MUST be kept in mind with these nano's is they will be aimed at PvP use, so they MUST be castable by an engineer in a pvp set up, this means NO prof cyberdeck req and NO insanely high cast req that requires full armour swaps to cast.
    These buffs must NOT be harder to cast than the pets that the snare is cast on.
    (new snare in the works, pending testing in 17.10)

    Trade Skills and Misc.

    1.) Trade skill engineers have issues concerning the abbility to make albtraum items at lower than maximum ql due to having skills raised far above reqs for other trade process.
    A slight change to the trade skill window, with either a slide bar or +/- buttons allowing us to effectively controll the ql of finished items would improve our abbility to supply other preople with items they can atualy use. (this method of tradeskilling seems to have been abbandoned by FC, possibly time to remove this wish?)

    2.) Increase the QL ranges of the parts required to make ALL trimmers up to QL300 Including The trimmer casings that have yet to be found in ql300 despite assurances that they would be added, this is yet to be proved correct.
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