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Thread: Another Rubi-Ka Christmas

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    Another Rubi-Ka Christmas

    ((Inspried by Redesine Christmas story and answering his call for more Christmas tales. Here's a little something I just wrote down based off one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.
    Enjoy... and lets see some more holiday rp based stories
    Leave comments and be kind i really did just write this down might be some strange typos.

    Oh yeah and it's a non-Foos based story for once hehe ))

    A young Sentinal, named Alan, watched the twin suns set on Tir while perched upon a rooftop. He wasn't sure how got there it was as if he was always sitting there. He was tired from the skirmish with AF, but now it was time to relax.

    He sat there thinking about the years of war and strife caused by Omni-Tek. His mind drifted to the holidays and he began to wonder if Christmas wishes really came true. Alan closed his eyes and thought to himself then spoke out loud, “I wish Omni-Tek never existed”. Just then a man appeared next to him. Startled, Alan went for his gun.

    The man just smiled at him and said, “There will be no need for that, I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to give you want you want.”

    Alan looked at him unsure, blinking his eyes and shaking his head wondering if the man was really there or was he starting to see things. “Who are you?” he asked.

    The man smiled again, “My name is Clarance and I am an angel. I'm here to grant you're Christmas wish.”

    Alan looked at the man with his mouth agape, now he really knew he was losing his mind too much fighting 'damn those Omni', “You're who, a what?”

    Clarance smiled again and it filled Alan with a feeling of warmth he had never felt before, “You said you wished Omni-Tek never existed right? Well that's why I'm here.”

    Before Alan could react, Clarance waved his hands and within a moment they were sitting in the middle of a barren wasteland.

    Alan looked around confused then turned to Clarance, “Where are we? What just happened?”

    Clarance smiled again, “Well you wished Omni-Tek never existed? You got your wish.”

    Alan still confused, still not sure if this was all really happening or just some crazy stressed induced dream, “But where is everything, where is everyone? I don't understand why are we in the middle of nowhere?”

    Clarance put a reasuring hand on Alan's shoulder, “We're not in the middle of nowhere, why we're still in Tir.”

    “But, but, but... everything is gone where's the city, I don't understand what's going on here?” Alan said looking around franticly.

    “I guess you really don't understand. You see if Omni-Tek never existed then nobody would have ever terraformed Rubi-Ka. So you're seeing what it would be like if Omni-Tek never existed.”

    Alan looked around in horror and started to gasp for air, “If the planet isn't terraformed then how am I breathing?” He thought for a quick moment, “It must be my symbiants that are letting me breath.”

    Clarance looked at him and smiled again, “You're still not really getting it are you? Without Rubi-ka being terraformed the Shadowlands would have never been discovered. No Shadowlands, no symbiants.” Alan looked at Clarance in fear, as if he was going to die, but before he could speak Clarance looked at him and said, “In truth you're just seeing what life would be like without Omni-Tek. You see you're really not breathing at all. You see you don't exist anymore, you're here with me and in a few moments you'll disappear into the energy of the cosmos.”

    Alan gave a deeply confused look to Clarance, “But how can I not exist.. I.. I.. I.”

    Clarance smiled again, “Without Omni-Tek your great great great great...” Clarance waved his hands in dismissal, “The people that started your family would have never come to Rubi-ka to mine, so they would have never met and had a family of their own. Generation upon generation would have never been born. So you see without Omni-Tek you wouldn't have existed.”

    Alan's head reeling from all the information felt a wave of anger flood across him, “But Omni-Tek is the enemy!”

    Clarance shook his head and smiled again, “No son they're not the enemy, remember it was the clans that started the war. It was the clans that refused all the chances for peace. No my boy Omni-Tek isn't the enemy, without them you wouldn't be alive. It's you who are the enemy against your self, against your true family. You're a fine young lad, it would be ashame to lose you to nothing. Just think about that for a moment instead of focusing on your hate for Omni-Tek.”

    Alan shook his head no wanting to believe the words he was hearing but something about how Clarance spoke made it all feel so true, so real. “So Omni-Tek isn't my enemy?'

    Clarance smile wider then he had before, “No Alan, Omni-Tek is your friend.”


    A man named Steve looks over the readings of his machine, while a Sentinal named Alan lays strapped to a chair with sensors and other things hooked up to him, as he mumbles “Omni-Tek isn't the enemy, Omni-Tek is my friend.”

    Steve smile and spoke into a recorder, “December 24th 29483 subject named Alan appears to be responding well to treatment...” he's interrupted by a light knock then an opening door. Sue pops her head into the room. “Come on Steve the party is starting”, she looks over and sees the man strapped to the chair, “Wow that's like your tenth reform this week you going for a new record?” She smiles at him.

    “Oh no it's not like that, it's just something about the holiday season just makes this job more fun.” He smiles at her for a moment and looks back to the readout on his machine. “Well I think I can let him rest for a bit he seemed to be doing good. I can just let the program run on auto and by the morning we'll have a new happy employee.” Steve adjusts the setting on his machine and walks over to Sue.

    “So what are you going to do with him when it's all done?” She asks him as they walk down the hall.

    “Well he is, I mean he was a Sentinal. Simon does train them well, would be ashame to see those skills go to waste. I guess he'll be good for AF.” Steve smiles thinking about his job well done. “So will Eva be showing up at the party today?”

    “I don't know why?”

    “Well I was hoping she would give me my wings” he laughs a bit.

    Sue looks at him puzzled, “Your what?”

    Steve looks at her and smiles like an angel, “Oh never mind. Come on the eggnog is on me.”

    The two walk down the hall to their party leaving the man in the chair alone.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Aww. Even Omni-Reform are in the festive spirit. I wonder if Silverstone has baubles hanging from his horns this year?
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