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Thread: High Level Mobs and Nano Resist

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    High Level Mobs and Nano Resist

    I am a lvl 155 Crat and to this point have not chosen to use an weapon instead using the Nukes my class was given. My question is why is it that it seems that on Real Mean and Ace Mobs my DD's are resisted an alarming percentage of the time.

    This is happening with ~900 in my combat nano skills due to a friendly MP. I fail to see why at the high end of a game you should be required to become a "Solider" ie gun toating class to do any damage.

    I can understand if you want mobs to resist my charms and calms but for me to be resisted 50% of the time in many cases on some mobs boarders on insane.

    The claimed fumble rate is 3% if this is the case I should buy a lotto ticket becasue I manage to fall into that 3% very often in team missions it is not uncommon for me to see 5 or 6 fumbles on the first room of 4 or 5 mobs in a mission. While the fumbles were anoying at lower lvls, combined with the extream restist rate on DD's higher level mobs have it seems to me that Direct Damage nanos may not be the way to go for the high lvl game.

    My question is why should a class that "Should" be able to be viable PvM "Have" to switch play styles away from the design point of the class at end game.

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    You think it harsh for crats, how do you think us NTs feel *G*

    Yeah completly agree with you, and the high bosses, dont even bother trying!

    Does your demotivation speech help (bar draw aggro)?
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    Originally posted by Cz
    WT*?! I take Friday off to play AO from Thursday to Monday morning, and Atlantean is down! Gaaaaah! FRUSTRATION CAPS! *bangs head on keyboard* {Edited by moderator: Watch it Cz!!} *bangs keyboard on monitor*

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    Sorry I thought I mentioned feeling bad for NT's in my post - It does help but it also paints a bullseye on my head not sure if it is worth it.

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