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Thread: (Another) simple weapon question.

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    (Another) simple weapon question.

    Dreadloch Thrasher + Dreadloch Rapier
    Why is it I have not seen many reported instances of this combo? It seems the focus on Ranged Energy skill alone would be ... prudent?

    Forgive me if this is a dumb query!

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    Seems Thrasher can't be dual-wielded.
    Jihnna 220/30/80 Shade

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    The awesomeness about dualing the FSS and the Rapier is that you get the damage perks from these perk lines:

    Shotgun Mastery
    Champion of Light Artillery
    Champion of Heavy Artillery
    Power Up

    With the combo you suggest you will miss out on the perk lines from:

    Shotgun Mastery
    Champion of Light Artillery

    Because you're not wielding a shotty.

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