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Thread: Spank Me Please

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    Spank Me Please

    Had an interesting idea....I am usually considered a Martyr so here you can get out your aggressions and spank me or beat me with a stick....

    /me pulls aside his robes and bends over...
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    /me readies the numbing salve

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    /me finishes baking muffins with his "special" recipe and hands them to Ukblizzard

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    *looks at the salami in the muffins and runs to the bathroom

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    /me gets out some aggression of his own felt towards Silke X, casts "Chant of Effortless Strikes" and proceeds to smack him silly

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    *gets out a bigass horsewhip and smacks you up real good with it*

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    *takes a dull, somewhat rusty paring knife, and gives Dfalcour the gift of.. a mouth*


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    /me grabs the nearest strand of barbed wire and choke slams Silke X with it hopefully damaging his vocal cords beyond repair.

    /me coughs up blood and tries to use his new found mouth before realizing that the muscles in his face are so screwed up from the 100 other clan plastic surgeons who had tried to give him "perfection" but instead scared him beyond repair.

    /me sews up his face again with a toothpick and some floss.

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    *brings out wine and cheese and places them next to the assortment of paddles*

    Maybe this will make it more enjoyable, now it's a party wheeeeee!!

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    *Settles down with a bottle of dfalcour's wine and eats the choc chip muffins I just baked*

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    *waves to Ukblizzard*
    Always a pleasure to see you my dear.

    *opens another bottle enjoying it's aroma and samples some cheese and chocolate muffins*

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    And how, pray tell, are you sampling the cheese and muffins?

    Poking crumbs in between the stitches?


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    ahhh..well, you underestimate the sensetivity of one's ears and nose, though not as satisfying as one's mouth they are still the 2nd and third most sensitive parts of one's body....

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    you should watch as I sneeze it's pretty impressive site really...

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    /me starts to pull out the stick to spank Dragon Falcour, but decides that a better punishment would be NOT to spank him and leaves him with his pants down
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    is it just me or did anyone else detect a slight decline in moral standards with the name of this thread?

    Hugs (or spanks if you prefer them )

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