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Thread: great idea - on llts modifications.

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    great idea - on llts modifications.

    If the modification to the llts is in stone. then why not make the change fun and adds to the content of the game.

    Heres the idea in a nutshell. Make the scopes personalized. What i mean is you can mod. it by using trade skills.

    on 14.8: your llts is now 8% scope with a -350 range init with a number of modification points available to it. depending on what is was originally(not the ql lvl but based on the original critt %). For every crit % lost a modification point can be added.

    - A 15% original llts has 7 modification slots on it.
    a) you can acquire some of the modifcation trade skill devices in the store, while others are in chests, mob loot, boss loot.
    b) A semi-rare tool can be added to the game that will allow you to remove the modifications to the scope.
    c) the modification trade skill devices can come in different ql lvls.

    -The lvl 250 Vision Enhancer would have 2 modification slots on it.
    a) this will allow all players in the game to aquire one and have the ability to customize there scope. While increasing the overall trade skill line in the game.

    Examples of modification devices the degree of modification is based on quality lvl)
    +range init
    +add def
    +add off
    +run speed
    +map nav
    +to reflection-several versions based on damage type
    +range distance
    +specials (general)
    + a specific special ( aimshot, fling, FA, burst...)

    Man, THIS WOULD BE FUN!!!!!!!!!!1
    It adds to the content of the game. allows people to use trade skills. You can customize your scope to your needs. In my opinion, its a win win situation
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    The code is already there. Funcom can modify the implant code.

    they also already have the code for the bonus- "clustor implants"

    This could work!
    Omni Trader on RK2

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    I saw this thread in the trader forum. Very creative thinking. I'd love to see this type of thing implemented in the game.
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