Actually the melee reange was increased without changing the description. If it was really 3 meters as it should be I would be happy.

Just to verify this do this little experiment.

You and a MA friend that isn't range extended go into the arena.

Now stand on top of one another.

Have the MA hold their position and you pace (not run but walk) N steps away until you determine how many paces it takes to get out of range. Now subtract 1 pace and write that number down.

Now look at your range..(hopefully your a range weapon guy)....

Take your range and divide it by 3 (the range of a MA).

Now multiply that number by the number of paces you took away from the MA.

Now Stand on top of each other and pace away from the MA (while he stands still) the number you just figured above.

OK you should be at your range to attack the MA.

Can you? No? Ok take a step toward the MA and attack again. Repeat this until you can shoot the MA.

You will be shocked to know that MA's have way more range than 3. Either that or everyone else has far less range than what is claimed.