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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Parking tickets? What parking tickets?

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    [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Parking tickets? What parking tickets?

    Parking tickets? What parking tickets?
    September 11, 29483 - Miss Lucetta Phoenix [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Nobody likes parking tickets. But it appears that Omni-Pol spend a lot of effort trying to get them paid.

    Mr Victor "Eeod" Linear is a very hard-working and loyal employee of Omni-Tek. He has spent several years in R.U.R, and has even been awarded the prestigious award "Flags of Glory and Redemption", apparently signed by Philip Ross himself.

    However, he has been charged for numerous tickets, and he claims that he was never sent the originals with any details of how to pay them. Over time, Mr Linear was unaware of the tickets stacking against him, and was confused at officers waving copies of the tickets that were sent to him, presumably for offences that happened months prior.

    "Oh, I can be clear on that. I never received a ticket, but the officers keep waving copies of tickets at me. They say I should be in possession of the original, but I'm not am I?

    Additionally, R.U.R had developed several prototype robots in exchange for ticket amnesty, but every time Omni-Pol had backed out of the deal. I'm wondering whether that was actually a good move by Omni-Pol considering R.U.R's reputation, but Mr Linear isn't happy.

    "It's deception. nothing less! The hours we put into developing the prototypes!"

    I'm not sure who's to blame here. Omni-Pol wasting time and credits chasing down tickets of a loyal employee, or Mr Linear for committing the offences in the first place, and refusing to pay up. I'll let the readers decide.

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    (( Wait a minute...

    I thought we put our vehicles in grid storage? What's this about parking? ))
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    Omni-Pol seems to be busy repressing people these days... even their own, and without a legal base, it seems. We suggest that Mr. Linear stand against unilateral attacks from Omni-Pol and take any legal steps necessary to fight the charges. If Omni offers any.
    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia - Savior, Council Clerk
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    All I will comment on this is that even though R.U.R. has done great work, and we hope they will continue to do so.

    However we have been working hard to protect and enforce the laws of the corporation.

    With this being said it would be a direct violation of protocol to turn the other cheek, or to allow personal favoritism to stand in the way of Enforcing OT laws.

    That leads to a line of corruption that once crossed is hard to control, so we maintain the the line.

    Pay the fines that are due.

    Lt. Janis "Standdown" Kerans
    Omni-Pol Administrations Department.

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    If you need help with legal fees fighting these spurious charges, Mr Linear, please contact us.
    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia - Savior, Council Clerk
    Cindi "Razishlyat" Bolieu - Advisor Eternalist

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    Well with the seriousness of the charges for unpaid fines Mr Victor "Eeod" Linear should consult a legal representative, that would be my advise other then pay the fines.

    I am no way a lawyer, I am a police officer for Omni-Pol so I cannot offer legal advise. I can outline however the law that he can read on the back of the citation:

    a person who is given a citation by a police officer can either plead guilty and pay the indicated fine directly to the court house, by mail, or in some more urban municipalities, on the Data Terminal Payment Center in the Town he or she is located in if outside of Rome. If the person wishes to plead not guilty or otherwise contest the charges, he or she is required to appear in court on the predetermined date on the citation, where they may make their case to the judge, or negotiate with the prosecutor before they are called to appear in front of the judge.

    This also will indicate the issuing officer would have to appear as well to give testimony as to the ticket.

    If Mr Victor "Eeod" Linear, fails to show up for court, or fails to pay fines a warrant could be issued for his arrest, be assessed fines for the court cost and the cost of the ticket and loose his License for a time determined by the court.
    Janis "Standdown" Kerans
    Captian Omni-Pol Administrations Department

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    ((as Gimpa))

    It is a shame that one of our top engeneers should have to worry about this every day.
    We in the mailroom here at Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR) works verry hard to make sure that their day is as plessant as possible and this kind of witch-hunt is really ruining the mood around here.
    Our co-workers don't have a habbit of lying, so when Mr. Linear says he has never seen any tickets, I beleave him.
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    I also believe Mr. Linear is Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    However as a police officer, it is our job to assess the situation and issue a citation on the legal grounds that we observe. Then a court of law hears the case and deems if the citation stands or should be dismissed.

    I however am appalled at the accusations of a witch hunt being issued by Omni-Pol. This kind of statement only ensures that the public looses trust in our abilities to act with out discrimination and with clear and sound judgment.

    This spreads fear and places doubt on our departments ability in the public eye, not to mention the tons of request each day for manpower to assist in investigations, patrols and firepower to fight the ever growing threats from clans, aliens and other classified situations.

    I would suggest to Mr. Linear if you feel you are being singled out and targeted by a single individual in Omni-Pol and that this single individual is in fact profiling, or personally using his badge to throw his/her power around then you should contact our Administrations department and request a Internal investigation Detective be assigned to go over the case, or request Omni-Prime contacts Intern-Ops to assign a Investigator to go over the matter seeking to find any proof on this so called Witch Hunt.
    Janis "Standdown" Kerans
    Captian Omni-Pol Administrations Department

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