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Thread: [RK1] FJRK: Peace line formed during attack on Old Athen

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    [RK1] FJRK: Peace line formed during attack on Old Athen

    Peace line formed during attack on Old Athen
    August 29, 29483 - [Atlantean]

    FJRK - 12th August 29483 - Old Athen - Alien sympathisers form what was called a "peace-line" in the heart of an alien attack on the town. City defenders are obstructed, but manage to successfully repel the invasion.

    From the hill in Old Athen, an unusual mixture of sounds could be heard last week. The change in weather cast an eerie shadow over the city as the green glow that signals an alien invasion sparked more than just the defence of the trading hub of the Clans. This time, mingled with the screams and war cries that are usually associated with invading forces, shouts of welcome and cheering could be heard.

    What we learned after the attack had been pushed back is that a known group of alien sympathisers, known to some as the ASL (or Alien Solidarity League), had started a protest against violence towards the invaders. Their borderline treacherous slogans include such oddities as: "They come in peace!", "Have you hugged an alien today?", "Alien armour is murder!" and "No blood for viralbots!".

    Their disturbing protests are not an unusual sight and it is apparently common for them to harass, taunt and otherwise accost the free-thinking people of Rubi-Ka, instructing them to lay down their arms in the face of the alien invasion and recruit impressionable people to their ridiculous cause. On this day however, the ASL were - for want of a better phrase - lucky enough to witness their green-clad heroes commit atrocities and carnage on the streets in front of them.

    One would expect an average rational person to accept that perhaps they were not 100% correct about the "coming in peace" part. However, far from showing rational behaviour, the oddball group decided to demonstrate their welcome of the aliens by forming a "peace-line" in the middle of the attack. Here, they encouraged other people to join them and attempt to stop the city defenders from attacking the aliens.

    Although this, to most people, would seem like a foolish and dangerous attempt at sabotage, a number of people did join in. From their line of bodies, they continued to shout welcomes to the invaders. In fact, it was reported that when an particularly large alien appeared towards the end of the attack, the ASL members rushed forward in (believe it or not) an attempt to hug [No typo here! - Ed.] the alien commander! Supposedly they believed this commander to be some kind of ambassador to Rubi-Ka.

    Free-thinking citizens should be very wary of this group, if they should meet them. The Vanguards clan has been studying security camera footage to assess the threat that this group poses, the exact extent to which the city defence was hindered by them and the damages that may have been averted if it wasn't for the group's presence. Clan members are warned to be wary of this cult and its leader, especially if you have impressionable children.

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    What a bunch of nutcases.

    Seriously... they see aliens attacking civilians and they're still waggling their fingers at us?
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