Sabulum invasion repelled by combined forces
August 29, 29483 - [Rimor]

IRRK - 24th August 29483 - Sabulum - In an elevated display of aggression, alien forces manage to temporarily take control of the town of Sabulum in the Perpetual Wastelands. After an emergency signal broadcast across the planet, Rubi-Kaans of all races and factions join together and drive out the occupying invaders.

Eerie security footage from the town of Sabulum shows aliens roaming the deserted streets as if it were nothing more than one of their outzone strongholds. Scoutships hovered across the area, calling down waves of alien infantry. An alien bomber flies overhead, a spooky silhouette against the green-tinted sky. Without the rest of the facts, this footage on its own would be cause for despair, but this is not the case.

The reports gathered from the night of the 24th suggest that the town only appeared to be under alien control. The footage described above lasted only minutes before a large coalition of Rubi-Ka troops entered the area. This was largely thanks to an emergency broadcast, sent out planet-wide by IRRK's own Newsire channels as soon as we received the first reports of the invasion.

The response could not have been a more successful display of human unity, as troops of all sides and factions joined forces to attack the alien presence in Sabulum. Within thirty minutes, the coalition forces had mopped up the alien ground-attack and disabled the two scoutships that seemed to be acting as beacons for alien reinforcements. However, this was apparently no easy feat:

"Bombs! Everywhere! We thought we were having an easy time of it, till we attacked the second big spinny-thing, yeah... But then out of nowhere this massive alien ship flies overhead and drops, like, all the bombs!" said one eye-witness, "And not just normal bombs neither... they don't just hit the ground and explode. They literally lock onto you and chase you around! Crazy!"

Despite these hardships, after the coalition troops had disabled the beacons to prevent the invading waves entering the town, the bomber ship was forced to engage the ground forces.

"It was a long fight, yeah." said our eye-witness, "But we got 'im in the end. Was quite a sight though - was some of us on the town walls distracting him while others ran right underneath the thing. Yeah, we made sure it was beyond repair, heh - same goes for the pilot!"

So, a swift response, a unified front and a clear victory for Rubi-Ka. Maybe the invaders will be thinking twice before attempting such a bold move in the future.