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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Aliens Attack Omni-Tek Research Center

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    [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Aliens Attack Omni-Tek Research Center

    Aliens Attack Omni-Tek Research Center
    August 29, 29483 - Roger [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Shortly after 1900 hrs (RST) , August 25th 29483, a planet-wide emergency broadcast was made.

    It seems that a large alien force attacked the Omni-Tek Weapons Research Center in Eastern Foul Plains today. The Omni-Tek Corporation broadcasted an Emergency Alert planet-wide, asking that all employees loyal to the corporation assist Omni-Tek security forces at their Research center in Eastern Foul Plains in repelling a large alien invasion force and protect the experimental weaponry at the center.

    When I first arrived on the scene, it was total chaos. Omni-Tek security forces and loyal employees were under attack by a horde of alien forces. The noise was overwhelming... gunfire... explosions... screams of the injured and dying... the insectoid chittering of the alien attackers. At first the defenders appeared to be in mob-mode, reminiscent of tower zergs! But then a few calm voice prevailed above the din. Gunfytr and his Pathfinders set up a Rocket Attack squad, Cratrlet and Thegenerator of Omni-Pol organized a team and began to calm the adds..... Others set up healing teams, while others used their nano programs to strip the alien leader of their defensive shields. Constant flow of reinforcements of loyal employees arrived to assist in the battle.

    After more than a hour of sturdy defense by the Omni-Tek forces and employees, the alien invasion force was routed and they retreated. No substantial damage was done to the research center. But this attack raises questions...

    Why did the aliens attack here? What are these new experimental weapons that Omni-Tek is developing? Will those weapons be used on Clan forces to end the stalemate here on Rubi-Ka? Does this attack portend an increased activity by the Kyr'Orch on Rubi-Ka?

    This reporter for one wants answers from Omni-Tek. I will investigate this further and report my findings.

    And now you know....

    Roger "Scoopx" Johnson
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