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Thread: [RK1] Freelance: August Omni Board of Directors Meeting

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    [RK1] Freelance: August Omni Board of Directors Meeting

    August Omni Board of Directors Meeting
    August 15, 29483 - Roger [Atlantean]

    Board of Directors Meeting Log for August 8th, 29483

    Directors in Attendance:
    "MAX" - Omni-InternOps
    Lt. General Robert Rosuma - Omni-AF
    Ivan Sergeyich - Omni-Pol
    Channing McVert - Omni-RD
    Lani "Wannja" - Omni-Com

    Affiliate Organization Representatives in Attendance:
    Nolan "Uragon" Ciafordoni --- Omni-Pol
    Emil "Stanislaw" Cervenak --- R.U. R. (Rubi-ka Universal Robots)
    Svetlana "Moeder" Kokkiokova --- R.U. R. (Rubi-ka Universal Robots)
    Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby --- Private Playthings
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite --- Omni-Mining (IC)
    Hikary "Aerya" Hirano --- First Order

    Moderator: MAX

    Max: Welcome everyone to the meeting of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors, as soon as Director Sergeyich arrives, we will begin. If anyone has a report to make, please send me a comm message and I will give you time to speak.
    *Max nods to Sergeyich*
    Gimpeline: Salivice is outside. I'd like to get permission for him to enter.
    Max: That is being handled.
    *Wannja coughs*
    *Salivice enters, panting*
    Salivice: forgive my lateness, sirs and madams.

    New Business
    Max: General Ciafordoni, you have the floor.
    *Wannja smiles*
    Uragon: Thank you! Today, I have two topics I would like to talk about in this meeting. Firstly, I would like to make a preliminary report on the Borealis case brought up by RUR at the last meeting. After my first interview of the subject directly after the meeting, I determined that this case needed some background checking. This task was handed over to the Privates Jangoh and Survivorman. Survivorman managed to get a short interview time with the claimed witness Gunfytr. This interview unfortunately discredited most of RUR's claims brought up against the suspect Mr. Solar Flares, like he said himself... it seemed to be a huge misunderstanding.
    Stanislaw: Misunderstanding? Pfft! He just fooled you all!
    Uragon: As for a *real* suspect in the case, we're still undecided. Some hints point towards the possibility of RUR accidentally having caused the incident themselves and now are attempting to cover it all up.
    Stanislaw: Outrageous! Lies, I say!
    *Salivice snickers*
    Uragon: Another possible cause could simply be natural causes, due to excessive solar activity. That would cover RUR's story, albeit in a slightly twisted manner.
    Moeder: This is outrageous! we have a full written confession from Mr Flares!
    *Wannja coughs*
    Uragon: Please, I'm not quite finished yet...
    Max: Gentlemen, allow the General to complete his reports.
    Uragon: The third and final potential subject we're looking into is Mr. Bazzit of Meetmedere, also known as "Uncle Bazzit". Some confidential sources point at him being behind transactions that could be related to payments of terrorists. That is all we have on this case for now. I do hope that we will be able to fill this all in with more details in the future.
    *Salivice's ears pique in interest*

    Uragon: Another topic I would like to raise is regarding land assignments for Omni-Pol in the Entertainment district. You may know that the area already has an active and well used vehicle parking area. In order to enforce our traffic regulations even more swiftly and efficiently, we would like to officially request to set aside a part of this parking area as a compound. This compound will then be used to store vehicles of known traffic offenders that are deemed either unsafe to control their vehicle, or that refuse to pay their past fines. Thank you for your attention, that is all from me.
    Stanislaw: Outrageous!
    *Salivice snickers*
    *Wannja coughs*

    Max: Mr. Cervenak, as you appear to have some comments on these topics.. the floor is yours.
    Stanislaw: Forcing people to pay their parking tickets is monstrous, It's criminal and above all bad for morale. And in the long run, who does it hurt? The automobile industry, that's who. I will not stand for this, no sir!
    *Salivice snorts, trying not to laugh*

    Max: It is the law. Enforcement of the law is the job of Omni-Pol, and following the law is the responsibility of every Omni-Tek employee.
    Uragon: We wouldn't have to force anyone if everyone paid their just and adequate fines in a timely fashion.
    Max: Director Sergeyich, you have the floor.

    Sergeyich: Tickets are issued when you break the rules, paying these tickets is not optional, if impounding peoples vehicles is necessary then I see no reason why an area cannot be cordoned off as an impound lot.
    Uragon: Thank you, Sir! I'll have my men work on the preparations as soon as possible.
    Sergeyich: Further more, if the tickets are still not paid, the property impounded can be sold off to cover the costs.

    Max: Ms Kokkiokova, you have the floor.
    *Wannja coughs*

    Moeder: Has Omni Pol heard of the rumors that there is just a very small number of citizens violating traffic regulations? Is this not a very harsh, perhaps too harsh measure for just a few people?
    Salivice: Well they can't exactly JUST punish R.U.R., now can they?

    Max: Mr Bixby you have the floor.
    Salivice: Well considering that most of said small demographic failing to pay they're fines are RUR employees, its not exactly in your best interest to protest this, now is it?
    Salivice: After all, they could extract the fines from your budget.
    Salivice: Done.
    Max: The matter is an issue of law, and enforcement of said law. I am sure this matter will be adequately handled by the Omni-Pol personnel involved.

    Max: Ms Everwhite, you may comment, and then proceed with your report for the Board please.
    Gimpeline: This arrangement would also benefit us that follows the rules. it would keep the ones not fit to drive off the road. It's not fun to have your Yalm smashed by some maniac driver.
    Stanislaw: So what's next? No drinking and driving?
    *Wannja coughs*

    Gimpeline: And now my report ... Last Friday, the west cannon in Clon**** got jammed. This is now fixed and it should work properly again. Our technicians have promised me that this will not happen again. This little episode should not affect next months profit. We are still on schedule for this year even with this little accident.
    One more note. This is Board of Mirector meeting number 47. It would seem fitting to mark the meeting number 50 in one way or another
    Gimpeline: Done

    Max: Are there any more reports to be made to the Board?
    Max: Mr Bixby, you have the floor.

    Salivice: Yes, thank you sir. In case anyone missed it, yesterday there was an attack on Borealis of a most peculiar nature.
    *Wannja coughs*
    Salivice: Kyr'Ozch Invaders roamed the streets for twenty minutes, scanning people, and military equipment before finally calling down a larger force, and attacking, bringing devastating losses. To me, this raises alarm bells. I believe they may have been scanning our weapons and technology, looking for weaknesses. Now this is not my department, but perhaps this could be looked into? There was also a rumor that the Kyr ships may be powered by Notum, but that is unconfirmed.
    Salivice: done
    Max: Yes, the tactics you describe by the aliens have been noted before Mr Bixby. And not just within Omni-Tek areas.
    *Salivice nods.*
    Salivice: Curious...
    Max: As soon as we receive the report from Administrator Lonares office on that incident, I am that will be reviewed.
    Salivice: Then I shall worry no more, sir.
    *Wannja coughs*

    Max: Ms Hirano, you wished to make comment on Ms Everwhite's report I believe? You have the floor. Aerya: Yes sir. Miss Everwhite, the 50th Omni Affiliate Meeting will be in December, no?
    Gimpeline: I think that is correct yes
    Aerya: I think that it could be marked with a celebration...
    Gimpeline: I agree completly
    Aerya: oh... I was corrected... it will be in November<smiles> Thanks Salvice
    Salivice: My pleasure.
    Moeder: Let scientists do the math!
    Aerya: Anyway... having a celebration will have a positive effect to the moral of the citizens.
    Aerya: I am done
    Stanislaw: Throw in a parking ticket amnesty and you have a real party!
    *Wannja coughs*
    Max: I believe your suggestion has merit Ms Hirano.
    Aerya: Thank you
    Max: Please feel free to organize and involve members of the other departments to pursue this. It is always good for morale of our employees to mark such occasions in a positive manner.
    Aerya: A happy citizen will be much more effective
    Moeder: happy and debt free!

    Max: Director McVert, you have the floor sir.
    Mcvert: Mr. Bixby, tell us more about that odd rumor you mentioned before about the aliens using Notum in their technology. I'm curious about who spreads such ideas.
    Salivice: It is just a rumor I heard just before the attack. I can't remember who said it, sir.
    *Wannja coughs*
    Mcvert: Just an unconfirmed rumor on the streets then, I see. Please refrain from mentioning unconfirmed theories like these, then. Apart from wasting our time, it is likely to create unrest or worse among the simple minded population.
    Salivice: nods
    Salivice: I apologize, sir.

    Max: Director Sergeyich, you have the floor sir.
    Sergeyich: My first point is xxxxxxxxxx Information deemed Classified by IntenOps xxxxxxxxx

    Sergeyich: With that out the way, I have a request for the Omni-Pol detachment present
    Uragon: Sir?
    Sergeyich: I would like xxxxxxxxxxxx Information deemed Classified by InternOps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Sergeyich: That is all.
    *Max nods*

    Max: Are there any comments to this before I hand the floor to General Rosuma?
    Max: Very well, you have the floor General Rosuma.
    Rosuma: Thank you Mr...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 46 mb removed by InternOps for security protocols xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Max: Are there any additional comments or reports to be made here today?
    *Wannja coughs*
    Max: Then this meeting of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors is officially concluded.
    Max: Thank you all for attending.
    Max: Omni-Tek protects.
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