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Thread: OOC: Events - Player Meeting '09

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    OOC: Events - Player Meeting '09

    First of all, sorry for the short notice, this would have been posted earlier however there was some issues I wanted to try and get sorted first.

    This years Events - Player meeting will be a bit different.

    First of all the events team has prepared some questions that will be posted below, it is asked that people read through them and organize some answers for the meeting.

    Secondly we ask any players that wish to ask a question submit it before hand, either by posting the question in response to this thread or emailing it to us at

    We will try to answer all questions submitted even if the person submitting does not attend the meeting.
    Logs will be posted after the meeting.

    The Rimor meeting will be held on saturday the 15th at 18:00 GMT at the ICC meeting hall and is aimed to be 1 hour long (although this target is almost never acheived...)

    The meeting will run as follows:

    1. Player answers to events questions
    2. Events answers to player questions
    And if time
    3. Any extra questions that were not submitted before hand
    4. General comments and discussion.

    Events Questions:

    * Would you like to see more or fewer alien spawn events?
    * Would you like to see more or fewer PvP oriented events?
    * Do you feel it's easy to interact with our STs? (STs being the characters in events or the "Storytellers")
    * What do you think about the number of events that you participate in / hear of?

    * What do you think about the quality of our articles?
    * How did you like the Who is Omni-Tek series?
    * What would make you decide to participate in the RSS system and submit articles?

    * Do you have any suggestions for characters that we could develop into a Long Term Character?
    * What kind of character would you like to see more of in the game? Small and unimportant, funny and entertaining, brave and heroic, etc

    * What would you change in the way we do the CoT? And how?
    * What would you change in the way we do the OAM? And how?
    * What would you change in the way we do the NLC? And how?

    * How could the events team better reach new players?
    * What can be done to get old player to RP more?
    * Would you like to have a Specialised OOC meeting for CoT/OAM/NLCC each?
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    That's this Saturday - 2pm EDT, 11AM PDT. Save the Date!
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    Also, just to be absolutely clear; Do you wish for us to post our answers here so that responses can be formulated in advance, or just to bring our answers to the questions to the meeting to be presented?
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    Bring your answers to the meeting (or mail if you cannot attend)

    post your questions for the meeting here (or mail).

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    We are expecting your answers at the meeting.
    If you want to discuss them before hand publically,
    feel free to do so here.
    The initial idea was that you can discuss them privately with
    your orgs and somesuch.

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    Aye, Aye. Thanks for the clearing that up!
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    Rimor Log Part A

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Anyway I guess we can start
    [Vicinity] Nashedra chuckles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: First of all will go through the events questions that where posted and get peoples (hopefully prewritten) replys and such
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i might need to bail out for a second to get a newer org recruit in here ive been advertising RP as a point of our recruitment drive
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: dont think he knows where the meeting hall is
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats: First question: Would you like to see more or fewer alien spawn events?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: that didnt mean stop only that im communicating the point.
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Micord2 raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats gets a moderation bat out and eyes bubba
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: amount is about right, as long as we know where they are happening
    [Vicinity] Dagget: couple times a month in each big city
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Micord2
    [Vicinity] Marlark raises hand
    [Vicinity] Micord2: the last on in bor ended in a pvp,
    [Vicinity] Dagget thinks viral flags
    [Vicinity] Micord2 done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I'd say more if they have an underlying Plot such as defending something from the attack lead by ARK Aliens. Less if it's just to spawn NPC aliens with no direction. Done.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Marlark
    [Vicinity] Marlark: I have found that most events are a litle hard to get to .. because they are not realy announced .. in some cases .. i heard alot of people say they where disapointed they missed it because they heard of it after the event .. this goes for most events i gues .. like this one
    [Vicinity] Marlark: Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Alien events tend to be some of the more announced events, what with green zones and city loudspeakers...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Bubba
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: It's not that I would like to see more or less alien spawn events, its that I think they are kinda background noise at this point. There is nothing truly exciting about them. If a city was completely taken over, and we had to re-liberate it, that would be something. Spawning aliens in cities is just more aixp. I can get that when I want it in other zones.
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush guards being mongo'd keeps me from ever being a part of it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do try to vary the alien events, but its not like we can completely script the way everything acts during an event
    [Vicinity] Ofab: will be back in a moment
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And guards are something we really can't do much about, best bet is to avoid area attacks
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: rb
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Foosimsy
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: Personaly I like the random alien attacks, however I don't see them as a solely rp thing, more of an entertainment thing for all players
    [Vicinity] Muterage: thank you
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: but it would be nice to maybe see a plot or something with an alien attack, or some ltcs walking around after to try and garther up some rpers for someting
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well we are here to cater to all players, so these sort of things are one of the main ways to get to everyone
    [Vicinity] Ofab: why was catcrab warped out of here?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And we have done/can do more stuff after or before alien attacks
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok dagget
    [Vicinity] Marlark raises hand
    [Vicinity] Dagget: short followup to Bubba
    [Vicinity] Dagget: long ago there was an alian raid in OA that was severe enough to fluch -everyon-e out oof town
    [Vicinity] Dagget: for a brief time
    [Vicinity] Dagget: that sort of thing would be interesting now and then
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done
    [Vicinity] Muterage raises her hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We try to give variance and difficulty, moving the spawns around, doing bombing runs and such, if you want to die more though, Im sure we can work it out...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn
    [Vicinity] Riawn: Any chance these could be worked into a large plotline, like when Midea attacked Tir with medusas?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Technically there part of the alien invasion expansion story...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I dont think we can ever do something as bigger than that without becoming funcom
    [Vicinity] Riawn: yes, but if i miss one I'm not worried about missing any news...
    [Vicinity] Muterage is afk
    [Vicinity] Muterage is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We can think about doing some alien based quests if thats what you mean
    [Vicinity] Riawn: that would be good
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok you done?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok marlark
    [Vicinity] Marlark: ok
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Marlark: well i think there is many difficulties with alien events like the towns
    [Vicinity] Marlark: like the hardness of the event if we look at it like that
    [Vicinity] Marlark: but also .. RP wise
    [Vicinity] Marlark: die to the backstory of such a attack
    [Vicinity] Marlark: due*
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Afroburger raises hand
    [Vicinity] Marlark: most of the town attacks are oriented for lowbie midrange in term of the tuffness of the attack
    [Vicinity] Marlark: but couldnt it be possible to use the non player towns to be used
    [Vicinity] Marlark: like sabulum
    [Vicinity] Marlark: or the notum export facility
    [Vicinity] Marlark: that in a way are more suited for it
    [Vicinity] Marlark: Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The only issue then is getting players to the invasion force
    [Vicinity] Marlark: true
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But again, can be something we can look into
    [Vicinity] Marlark: but wouldnt it be targeted for the right ranges then?
    [Vicinity] Muterage is afk
    [Vicinity] Muterage is back
    [Vicinity] Marlark: it is very hard todo a event that works for everyone across the board 1 to 220 for all at same time
    [Vicinity] Marlark: anyway Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Indeed, and no matter where aliens are spawned will always have that difficulty as there are no real level locked area's usable
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: What did I miss?
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis waves
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Which is why we try to get as many low level waves out before the 220's arrive
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Someone may want to send the new comers the moderation rules
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Pheats smiles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok muterage
    [Vicinity] Muterage: first, thank you
    [Vicinity] Muterage: second - can the lower level AI attacks be handled as ailen scouting missions in the outlying areas near the towns
    [Vicinity] Muterage: with the ai level apropos to the monsters in the area?
    [Vicinity] Muterage: and last can we get some low level stuff for SL?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well we are limited by set level aliens allowed by funcom for us to spawn, so that could be difficult, and also most low level waves are spawned in such a way already
    [Vicinity] Muterage this would get the low level people out of town for the big raids
    [Vicinity] Muterage: ahh sorry
    [Vicinity] Muterage: done
    [Vicinity] Dagget thinks next topic
    [Vicinity] Pheats As for your last point, not sure what your asking, but it s not to do with this question so I will wait for the end to ask for more info
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok last two comments before next question
    [Vicinity] Josso is afk
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Afroburger your turn
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: hi
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i really like the "mission" style rp events
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: like the one where you escort a jobe scientist to explore nascnence
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: and atack shadow group criminals
    [Vicinity] Doclu is afk
    [Vicinity] Afroburger theres a lot of action player particiation
    [Vicinity] Ofab: What he said. Those are fun
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Agreed
    [Vicinity] Riawn: definitely
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i was wondering if you guys could organize more of those
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, thank you but please try and keep these comments to the topic were on, im sure later topics will be available for such things
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: sorry i just got here
    [Vicinity] Doclu is back
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: whats the topic we are discusing?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Were just finishing up the question of more or less alien raids in major cities
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok last person, Riawn
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i actually have a suggestion for that
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i think it would be nice if there were more incentive to do the full invasion raid
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: like xp bonus or a small buff for killing the gen
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: and making him more powerful
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Afro if you wish to comment please send me a tell saying you have a comment or do a /me raises hand
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: ok sory
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn do you still wish to comment?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: actually I think mine was similar to what muterage was trying to say: Why not hold simultaneous lowbie and high-level alean attacks in adjacent zones? It gets the lowbies away where they won't get swarmed by lvl 300 zix, and gives the 220s something better to do than KS from the 50s
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Doclu is afk
    [Vicinity] Afroburger raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We have done a number of such raids, unforutantly due to the fact that it takes more manpower its not always possible, nor is it always successful as you will always find one or two high levels that just want to kill
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Afro will let you comment now
    [Vicinity] Josso is back
    [Vicinity] Doclu is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats Afro?
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i think there needs to be more incentive to do the invasions for players, positive or negative. if aliens disable the grid system and mission and shop terminals then it would encourage more players to take action, and make aliens seem more oa a threat than a annoyance. it would be good to for the gens to be harder to kill, since ou player equip are much better than a few years ago. maybe the gens could drop bots or a small xp bonus o encourage killing
    [Vicinity] Ofab raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly that sort of thing is completely out of events control, we cannot stop terminals working and we cannot make aliens give buffs.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Sorry ofab but I think we'd best move onto the next topic, feel free to send your comment as a tell to any of the event members here if you wish to still give it.
    [Vicinity] Ofab cries

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    Rimor Log Part 2

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: Would you like to see more or fewer PvP oriented events?
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush raises hand
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Trousers: PvP needs an underlying reason to occur. Most of them That I have seen tend to be PvP for PvPs sake, which I feel it not RP at all. Done.
    [Vicinity] Morgo raises hand
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy rasies hand
    [Vicinity] Afroburger raises hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: There will always be a reason behind why something is attacking, however some of them are more aimed at the general player base and can be as simple as some monsters have been mutated and are highly annoyed at people shooting them and there fellow monsters
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Bubba
    [Vicinity] Schultzy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Keyata raises hand
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: I think its better to keep PVP events, marked PVP events. People who come to RP thinking its a social event, only to arrive to chaos and PVP are just never happy with it. I like mixed events, but PVP FOCUSED events should clearly be advertised as such. chiming alot with pants.. it seems that PVP events dont cater to RP in the strictest sense, largely because the outcome cannot be controlled
    [Vicinity] Marlark raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I would just like to take a moment to clarify what we mean by PVP event, this is any event where you players have to combat a character we have made
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Not just actual players vs player events
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And the usual outcome desired is for you to kill us
    [Vicinity] Marlark lowers hand .. question awnsered by pheats
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Although there are some where its generally the otherway around
    [Vicinity] Pheats: You done Bubba?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: in the interested of timekeeping, yes
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Also I would like to point out that theres no way this meeting is going to be the 1 hour estimated
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And those people sitting behind and to the side, you may want to move infront of us so everyone can hear you
    [Vicinity] Doclu is afk
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Dagget
    [Vicinity] Doclu is back
    [Vicinity] Dagget: more P-v-ARK, less viral-spread flags plz. Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The pvp flagging is almost always an undesired effect
    [Vicinity] Pheats: There has only been one event I can remember where it was intended
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly we have very little control over that flag, specially when theres a large ammount of players and things happening
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It only takes one player to get a flag and get attacked by an ST for it to spread
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Dagget thinks ST = STD
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That said, we have poked funcom and should be getting something to prevent this happening soon (tm)
    [Vicinity] Gustavis cheers
    [Vicinity] Keyata claps and lowers hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: You done Dagget?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok morgo
    [Vicinity] Legeres is afk
    [Vicinity] Legeres is back
    [Vicinity] Morgo: will there be any increase in other kind of pvp oriented events than the ones we already seen? I have attended a few and it seems often few notice and participate in them, could a possiblity in thinking in more regular pvp into a event
    [Vicinity] Morgo: It do really depenss on time and who is in the city I attended one in Borealis once
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I would just like to say there is some regular pvp (non flag gankfest based) events planned
    [Vicinity] Morgo: depend*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: How ever these most likely will not be overly publicised
    [Vicinity] Pheats: You done morgo?
    [Vicinity] Morgo yes done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Foosimsy
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: I do like some of the small events where pvp with ST/LTCs are involed, but the ones like the giant monsters in Hope are not much fun, mainly due to people spreading flags for the sole purpose of ganking others while their backs are turned. But events such as a mugging in newland where it was two sts verses two players those are fun. Well as long as I don't end up in reclaim . Sorry I typed most of this out when you first asked and I didn't feel like backspacing. Yes more events where I get to kill you people please.
    [Vicinity] Legeres is afk
    [Vicinity] Legeres is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: No worries pretyping comments is encouraged
    [Vicinity] Maleachi raises an eyebrow and grins
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy pounds fist against chest
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: Nothin but love for you guys
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: You done?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Afroburger
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i really like the mission and invasion style pvp and pvm events
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: and would like more
    [Vicinity] Afroburger thats all
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats Gustavis
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: While I don't mind the events that end up turning into gankfests, I wish they weren't in the most laggiest of zones like Borealis, heh.
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Please state done when done
    [Vicinity] Ofab looks at his comm and sees that time has flew
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Done, I guess.... just wish I didn't literally lag to death before I could focus on defending myself
    [Vicinity] Ofab: I gotta go
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Schultzy
    [Vicinity] Josso is afk
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Thank you I pretyped too
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: First of all I m sorry that I came late will try to be short and not annoying. I would like to say a few words about the ways events are organized, usually I run into them only accidentally or by rpnet (thx Trousers wonderful bot keep up) but the senseless ark is a mob and 50ppl kill him as you mentioned with a flag is just something I don't even bother to stop for. And not because I m an RP only player I like both rp both pvp. Just you organize an even it is rp only or not a high percentage of the ppl come only for epeen to show yeah I am the best I will show you and it is a sensless flamewar. That is not an event that is annoying. I did have great experience but to admit mainly in rp only side.
    [Vicinity] Dagget blinks at wall of text
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: So I would like to say Events should be more organized and pls don't think we don't have a life I don't have the time daily to check forums
    [Vicinity] Pheats: As said, some events will be aimed less towards the hard core roleplay but more towards people in general.
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: I understand but then sadly I have to say beside we got a lot of IQ players who twink nice remaining in social comportment is a douchebag
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Riawn: they dropped it to 25% for the event, the gankfest is the reason they no longer change gas levels
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im almost 100% sure that the events team cant and never has been able to change gas levels
    [Vicinity] Riawn: ppl were camping all the city exits and reclaim terminals
    [Vicinity] Schultzy Events should be different but! a last thing I m really avaiting this Dark Ruins or what new pf and I already suggets we should have another meeting after that that type of gameply is more interesting not only rp side and a last sidenote
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: v
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Off note: A thing that I really would like that gets throu to the whole anarchy online team is that they should after this patch or upcoming update, they should focus more on the tiny little bugs it sworms the game and kills it slowly.
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But yes, the pvp flagging is not intennded, and thank you schultzy
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Keyata you put your hand down did you?
    [Vicinity] Josso is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And so did Marlark
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Keyata: Yeah, mine was basically stated already.
    [Vicinity] Legeres is afk
    [Vicinity] Keyata: So it would be pointless to restate
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok seems no more comments on this topic>
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Arr Pee
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: MT

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    Rimor Logs Part III

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: Do you feel it's easy to interact with our STs?
    [Vicinity] Schultzy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Schultzy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Legeres is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats Schultzy
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Sorry what is an ST? I know what ltc is
    [Vicinity] Pheats: ST stands for Story Teller, these are the characters you will see in an event but will generally disappear afterwards
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: thx done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: For example a quiz person hosting a show or that giant monster chewing on your internals
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any other comments on this?
    [Vicinity] Micord2 rasies hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Micord
    [Vicinity] Micord2: when will we see more of them?
    [Vicinity] Thessalie is afk
    [Vicinity] Dagget thinks upcoming topic
    [Vicinity] Pheats: During events? You have too keep your eyes out for them.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok any further comments?
    [Vicinity] Thessalie is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: What do you think about the number of events that you participate in / hear of?
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: pretty good, but that's mainly due to player toosl like rpnet
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Dagget: why not get IRRK channel and such goign more?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Simple answer, We are, but we rely heavily on players communicating between themselves for lots of stuff (for example, the stuff that a news site wouldnt know about straight away)
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Let's just say I don't get to participate is as many as I would like to... Done.
    [Vicinity] Afroburger raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Foosimsy
    [Vicinity] Josso is afk
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: Most of the events are pretty good, only time I dislike an event is when there's a very long and intersting storyline going on, and there's an event that feels like it was something just thrown together quickly for some kind of reminder effect
    [Vicinity] Josso is back
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, afro
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: i think IIRK should be used more to announce events
    [Vicinity] Afroburger: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, any further comments?
    [Vicinity] Spaceboy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Spaceboy
    [Vicinity] Spaceboy: I don't think I have been very active in RP but I have only come across like 8 events since I started playing in 2003, 3 x alien attacks en some otheres, it's just not very visible
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is afk
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Spaceboy: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok gustavis?
    [Vicinity] Muterage is afk
    [Vicinity] Josso is afk
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy is back
    [Vicinity] Muterage is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Also can people perhaps turn off auto afk?
    [Vicinity] Keyata is annoyed by everyone auto-afking
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I'm ok with the amount of events I've encountered. Always something interesting to do, even if some of the events could have used some improvement.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok thank you, and just a quick point on this, we rely heavily on you players informing others of events and such, we can only do so much in the way of IRRK announcements and Zone wide announcements.
    [Vicinity] Josso is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: What do you think about the quality of our articles?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Bubba
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: I believe the amount of yellow journalism smothers that forum into polarizing everyone who reads it. There is such thing as too much, and its overpowering just how easy and cliche its become.
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Hmm?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any examples?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: over 75% of the articles printed seem to be perceived as a excuse to overpolarize players over something trivial
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i understand that the 'propaganda machine' is condoned and im ok with how it works, but its overworked in my opinion, to the point of incredibility.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I dont suppose you could give a few article names as example could you?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: it breaches a later question
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, well lets move on to the next person then
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: almost all the posts regarding the omni legacies...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: and i can call up url's
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: given the time to do so.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If it comes into a later question can wait until then.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: thats just one example of the series however.
    [Vicinity] Elitesol is afk
    [Vicinity] Elitesol is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats Riawn?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: yes...Back in the old days, omni propaganda was published by OTPC, clan propaganda was published by FJRK, and evrything else was IRRK. It's good to see events going back to that system rather than publishing the most horrible OT/clan propaganda as a supposedly neutral news organization like they were a year or so ack.
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Dagget nods
    [Vicinity] Chrisax nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Would just like to point out that most freelance stuff is published under IRRK and is not our articles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That said IRRK is not a neutral only system
    [Vicinity] Riawn: yes, ut it's not omni's corporate rag either
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It is neutral in the way that its free for anyone regardless of side to become reporters for
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: No its not, which is when we do omni-tek articles we publish under OTPC, freelance articles are for IRRK
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Its still your turn Riawn...
    [Vicinity] Riawn: separate question though...Wll TAG e making a comeback anytime?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: it was always nice having a periodical storyline summary in PDF format
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly it is doubtful it will be returning anytime soon, those responsible for it have long since left ARK
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It has been thought about but we just do not have the ability to do it currently
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok then next question: How did you like the Who is Omni-Tek series?
    [Vicinity] Dagget scratches his head
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy rasies hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Foosimsy
    [Vicinity] Micord2 rasies hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: What's an Omni-Tek?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: MT
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: I liked it, I thought it was a good read, and interstings... it would have beeen nice to see those legacies out a little more when those articals were released
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: but still over all it was a good idea, and done well
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Micord
    [Vicinity] Micord2 gus asked mine all ready
    [Vicinity] Micord2: done
    [Vicinity] Gustavis:
    [Vicinity] Pheats: ...k
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any other comments?
    [Vicinity] Micord2: r u mezning the artcals?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The Who Is Omni-Tek article series put out by omni-tek for propaganda yes
    [Vicinity] Micord2: oh
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok if no more comments on this, we shall move to the next question
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What would make you decide to participate in the RSS system and submit articles?
    [Vicinity] Micord2 raises hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Micord
    [Vicinity] Micord2: I would
    [Vicinity] Micord2 thats all i gat to say
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, then I suggest you sign up for it.
    [Vicinity] Pheats Gustavis
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: From what I've heard of people who used to participate in the RSS it was a bit slow sometimes, so by the time an article was added it was already way out of date and no one would care.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: You're going to need to run an Advertising campaign to make people want to get involved again. MANY of us have tried it, and have gone so far as to deploy our own systems on our servers just to avoid it. We understand that you may have implimented dozens of new systems to speed things up, but you're going to need to win the loyalty of the people who would produce the articles back. How you choose to go about that it up to you.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: gah, damnit
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Maybe if this could be streamlined more people would sign up.
    [Vicinity] Pheats eyes trousers
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I would like to point out that we have improved the speed of article processing, and lots of the time taken is waiting on players so validate edits.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: nods.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: For example a player complained similiarly yesterday but submitted an article after the meeting, its not on the forums
    [Vicinity] Pheats its now*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok... trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: See pervious slipup
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Nothing more to add?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Nay, Sir.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Cept to say I'm sorry
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any comments from anyone else?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, just like to point out that we can't always manage a less then 24 hour turnaround on submitted articles but we will keep an eye and try to take no longer then 1 week at most
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If it takes longer then 1 week, likely hood is that were still debating it and most likely will be disapproved.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: Do you have any suggestions for characters that we could develop into a Long Term Character?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats Gustavis
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Gief blue name plx
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: lol
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yeah.... no
    [Vicinity] Micord2 raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That all gus?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Sorry, lagging slightly
    [Vicinity] Micord2 lowers hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I'd like to see more Pol/AF LTCs
    [Vicinity] Keyata nods
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush raises a hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I guess that's all for now.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Problem with police and military LTC's is those sorts of people would be more conflict based and LTCs are not generally allowed into conflict for various reasons, but I beleive there is a new Armed Forces LTC out
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: There's this one ST I've seen once or twice that I think deserves to be out and about more often. I believe his name was Tarkhan Zora. Would be so cool to see him more involved... Just saying... Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats He's an LTC and we have plans to get him out more (funcom wants it too)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Soon (tm) is my overall response
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Lies. We have no CEO.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: imagine that
    [Vicinity] Riawn: If Borealis isn't getting free elections, can we at least get the characters back? Having a veteran of the corporate wars roaming around was...interesting.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can possibly look into that.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Done?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, micord you put your hand down... so Bubba
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: I think texture is what makes this game. Many of the LTC's we have are either very artful and well thought out, or wholly shallow for what little time they have had in the spotlight and remains unestablished. The rest of my comment will be directed at a later question involving legacy meetings.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any more comments on this?

  10. #10

    Rimor Log Part 4, Revenge of the Log

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, What kind of character would you like to see more of in the game? Small and unimportant, funny and entertaining, brave and heroic, etc
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Factional. The vast Majority of LTCs that I have seen tend to be Neutral. I understand how this may be a choice to make them more accessible, but it also limits the opportunity for Sided RP considering Legacy Leaders rarely, if ever, log on outside of their Legacy Meeting windows. Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any other comments?
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn
    [Vicinity] Riawn: I frequently see LTCs log on in my buddylist, but they're nowhere to be found after searching all the tables and bars every city on RK...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Many wander around
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Nulion waves Hi to everyone, being quiet
    [Vicinity] Nashedra waves
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im afraid you'll just have to keep your eyes open and keep looking, or ask others if they know where they tend to wander
    [Vicinity] Gustavis throws a shoe at Nulion
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ahem...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok any more comments on this?
    [Vicinity] Keyata grabs shoe and throws back at Gus
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I guess not
    [Vicinity] Nulion twiddles his thumbs
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What would you change in the way we do the CoT? And how?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: raises his hand.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Bubba
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i think you skipped a question
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Hmm which one?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: * What kind of character would you like to see more of in the game? Small and unimportant, funny and entertaining, brave and heroic, etc
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That was the last one
    [Vicinity] Dagget: he asked that
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: ninja!
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: ok, then ill move to the next one
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Did you have a comment for that?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: yeah and if you dont already think im a pain in your side, youre really not gunna like what i have to say.. its nothing personal but
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: Literally, this is my biggest problem that requires no simple solution or conference in order to remove the problems areas. From a spectator perspective, the leadership of any group of people is what people see and look up to. "What you show is what you teach" has relevance in these situations. Silent leadership is not participation. I have come to understand that the interaction between LTC's and players is meant to vault players into the spotlight somewhat often, but that cannot be the whole of it. To me, these particular events have looked like players waiting on LTC interaction while LTC's are waiting on players interaction. If the Legacies are there, having them sit for an hour or so and rarely contributes is non-participation. I often leave these meetings with very little sense of accomplishment.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis eats the wall of text
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Um which question is this in response too?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Looks like the CoT question, to me.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: its meant as a general response to all three of them.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats: you done?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: ive been to CoT and NLCC, and there are some small difference, but mostly... more of the same.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush snorts
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: yeah.. i guess...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any further comments on What would you change in the way we do the CoT? And how?
    [Vicinity] Keyata Highfives Bubba
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I guess not
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What would you change in the way we do the OAM? And how?
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: knew that was coming
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Actually punish the Affiliates that do a super ****ty job. And open the playfield up.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We can think about some way to punish affiliates, but were limited by what were allowed to do and not allowed to do, and people have been poked about such things as anchoring the OAM meeting room to the planet, but not something we can directly do
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yeah, punish him good. He's been a naughty boy!
    [Vicinity] Riawn: More rollerrats! done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats Gus
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I was going to basically say something along the lines of what Bubba said.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I appreciate all you're doing for us, and I know you're trying.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: More communicative legacys?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: But sometimes I feel like nothing's getting done
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Or more tasks and such?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: raises his hand, too!
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Tasks, and more action. With all the information I gave on Nulion last OAM, I'm surprised I was made to write another report before any action could be taken.
    [Vicinity] Nulion hides from Gus
    [Vicinity] Keyata nods
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: tosses a paper airplane at your hair.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well you have two tasks from directors at the moment, and the corporation needs a full report before they can plan stuff
    [Vicinity] Gustavis nods
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: mt
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: mt.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Were mostly stuck on what we can do if you lot dont give us information on what your doing
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I'm not as annoyed by having to send mails anymore since from what I understand they are being answered more quickly
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I check them generally twice daily atleast (mostly because I forget I already checked them)
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: So I will start sending in more reports by mail soon.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis That's why I didn't before
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But also for some things offline tells to legacys also works
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: And waited until the OAM
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Many of the legacys will pop in to check for offline tells even if they dont have time to go walk abouts
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But emailing would be best
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Zeephonz
    [Vicinity] Riawn lowers hand
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: nah it's ok, it got answered... thanks
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, nulion
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Thanks. I was kinda concerned about the distinct lack of Prestin around here. She was always a lot of fun. Any chance we could see more of her?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Done. I think.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis she's in ur base, experimentin on ur doods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I think the person that was playing her has left, Im sure we can look into getting her out again
    [Vicinity] Pheats: She did tend to be a rather more vocal director...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok anymore comments?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Trousers... again
    [Vicinity] Nulion: That'd be great Not that I'm tooting my own horn, but a lot of the stuff I do is pretty directly related to her and her 'business'. Having her around could make for lots of fun for a lot of people.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: And...errh..sure, Sotto.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Just a side comment. Try to focus on staffing LL's based on who's attending the meetings. Try to Get Vanya staffed if There's a lot of Pols. Prestin not so much if there's no med affiliates
    [Vicinity] Trousers: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Vanyas a sort of deity thing... I didn't know dim2 police have become religous?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Vanya is a nicknake for Ivan in Russian
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: lies i have her beating heart in my bank.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: didn't know that ._.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: K, well we try to get as many directors as we can on, unfortunatly its a case of 4 actors and umpteen roles, sometimes theres just no one around.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: No one knows that better then I do >_>
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: You can always yell at me!
    [Vicinity] Pheats: So its not a case of "which directors should we bring" but more "Ok whos actually going to be available"
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any more comments?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, What would you change in the way we do the NLC? And how?
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy raies hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Foosimsy
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: Well there are two things saddly I don't think you can do much about either. But maybe you guys could pass along to someone that it might be nice if we got our own hall
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: done
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Um thats one thing, but yes nothing we have a major hold over, but can poke people
    [Vicinity] Valesse raises hand
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: good poke is all I ask
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Trousers
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I'm not Trousers
    [Vicinity] Pheats Thats because its not your turn
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Years ago, before my Great Metagaming by ARK, Zora assigned me to be the NLC Ambassador. By virtue of this act he acknowledged Newland City's sovereign status among Rubi-Kan Governments. Could you try to have NLC project this sovereignty more? Perhaps by opening up actual Council Seats to Offical Ambassadors from Omni-Tek (and I guess the Clans even tho they are not a Legitimite Government)?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Possibly
    [Vicinity] Trousers: done
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i personally invited neutral reps to join us, as a political move. I doubt id go so far as for an omni player in the same sense, or vice versa
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Though technically the meetings open to all who wants to be involved in newland.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: That's not the point I was trying to make...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but theres a chance the NLCC will go through a reform at somepoint, but that wont be untill after we finish current projects
    [Vicinity] Riawn: more interaction between factions, vs councils (or board) acting in a vacuum
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, gus you can now be the trousers...
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: No thanks.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I just wanted to ask
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Well, mention, that there are a few buildings in Newland that seem to be unused, and maybe one of those could be refitted for the meeting hall purpose of the right poke is given.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: if*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That all?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yes, thank you.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Valesse
    [Vicinity] Valesse: I was just going to mention something that might be helpful before the meeting
    [Vicinity] Valesse: possibly have Hekkat and the mayor take a walk through town talking about it and maybe more people will find it interesting to filter in
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Valesse that's all done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok any more comments?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok next question: How could the events team better reach new players?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Take that, Gus
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Outreach to the Players. I recall once in the past when I ran into Devdas outside of Newland City running Scripts to Advertise ARK (in General). This kind of public outreach is needed to reach new players. Is your team planning to do Public, OOC, pep rallies? Or, is your team willing to come Suppliment a similar player driven effort? Done.
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That would most likely be part of the recruiter program in ark, events has no intention of doing OOC rallys, however we have nothing against players doing such, and we could possibly help in minor ways
    [Vicinity] Pheats: such as publishing posts or such
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Gus
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush laughs
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I think it would be better if you could appear at such rallies, really... would help out the cause more rather than make people just be like "wtf rpers lol gimps"
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Even if you just ran around from town to town screaming "ARR PEE?"
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: It would help.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well were not allowed to just randomly pop into places, but if people send us plans and such we have no issue looking through and seeing if we can do anything
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: nods.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Riawn
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: sighs at his team...
    [Vicinity] Feynrose chuckles
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I think they fell asleep.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Just a mention of running screaming sets them off...
    [Vicinity] Riawn: mini-events in places like jobe Research and the subway, to catch players before they wander off and get lost. Things like a kid losing his pet leet in the subway would only take two people to do...
    [Vicinity] Nashedra looks at Pheats innocently
    [Vicinity] Maleachi tries to keep a straight face
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We have done events in starter areas and such, and we can plan to do some more, the only issue is the instanced nature of these areas dont allow that many people to get involved
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Zeephonz
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: with all respect, there is no big flag on the forums that says "All your roleplaying needs are here". They're all buried in subforums. If people want to read notices, they should be able to find it easy. Much like the "Shopping Channel" highest level fourms, "Roleplaying" needs it's on area.
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: own area*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can possibly poke about that, but not something thats terribly likely
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: well, you are saying you are going to publish notices... people need to find them
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well we can poke people but we dont have direct control over it (heck Im still missing some moderator powers on those forums)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any thing else on this?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: kind of, but probably better reserved for a later question

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    Rimor Logs Part <insert 5 based witty name here>

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, next question What can be done to get old player to RP more?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Pants...
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Trousers: RP is currently one of two activities that players engage in which there are absolutly no rewards for doing (The other is sitting at the keyboard while AFK). I believe everyone here would agree, to differing levels, that the way to get new and old players involved, and to retain them, is to make a reward system for RP (much the same way PvE and PvP are rewarded.) Since this is something your team cannot accomplish, allow me to ask. Who's leg must the Community hump in order to get such a program to be seriously considered?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: raises hand.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: And the best way for us to communicate with them would be? E-Mail? Forum PM?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Both?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I'm not even fure if I can log into the forums right now (infractions ) But I'll try. WHat E-mail would be best to reach the two of them?
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: I think you may need to hump a leg to get posting rights back, Pants
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Not at all sure which ones would be public, your best bet is to look on the forums for such info
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Blah, ok. Thanks. Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn
    [Vicinity] Riawn: two different ( but related) things...
    [Vicinity] Riawn: first...more RP relatied to forthcoming content. We saw Philip Ross shot, we found a crashed alien ship in mort before AI, David marlin appeared before the COT before SL...but we've had nothing of the sort since LE.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortuantly that requires Funcom to get involved with us, that said with new management im sure such things will once again be seen
    [Vicinity] Nulion: wishes he'd seen David Marlin ._.
    [Vicinity] Nulion wishes that reeeeally badly
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: second, reconnect RP with the official AO storyline. I can look through the official storyline and see tons of entries prior to Ross'a attempted assassination and say "I was there for that." But nothing since. Can't the events team submit entries for major events like the Shadow Compendium taking over Newland city?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: and When Borealis changes to an omni city, I shouldn't learn about this via patch notes the next day...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We have been working on updated entries, should be soon
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And the borealis/4holes was funcoms thing, we had no more prior knowledge of this then you lot did
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yeah, some are already up there
    [Vicinity] Riawn: It's just that the entries don't reflect any player participation for the last 4 years...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Oh yeah teams poking me saying the updates should be up if heavily cut
    [Vicinity] Feynrose nods
    [Vicinity] Nashedra nods
    [Vicinity] Maleachi nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly its ultimately upto funcom to choose what to put up
    [Vicinity] Riawn: and that doesn't give anythign new OR old RPers can point at and say that RP is still alive.
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, bubba
    [Vicinity] Nulion raises his hand, sheepishly
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i understand that there is alot of time between that time and now... and im positive that alot of that information might not seem like much to people whom may or may not have been exposed to some of it
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: i get that.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: Older roleplayers remember epic figures like Ross and Radiman. Neither of these two people are around anymore. Its always seemed like there were the glory days of RP in this game, and currently the state it is now looks nothing close to it. In my time during RP, it seems that there is very little "Hero Worship" because there is nothing about them to really make people feel like they rubbed elbows with the greats.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: much less the future of the players that are present here, that still havent had the bulk of time in.. whats speaking for them?
    [Vicinity] Trousers claps for Bubbacrush
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: just for consideration mostly, since tis is more survey and less whole dialogue, im throwing that out there
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly things do tend to change, and some things we have no control over
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Anything else?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, then nulion
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Now, I have to echo a lot of sentiments made by Bubba there...We really do need some of the "greats" back. I understand that this is often out of ARK's control, but ARK does have a connection with Funcom, and you guys do have the ability to get in touch with them and try and make things happen, correct?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Not that anything's guaranteed of course.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We can, but they dont always listen to us
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Maybe you should use megaphones.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Anyway, anythng else to add?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: But in all seriousness, if you guys need help getting to Funcom and getting some of this to them, we're here for that too. If the players want something bad enough, we have ways to get it done
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Alright, that's enough from me, hehe. Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, any more on this subject?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok last event question: Would you like to have a Specialised OOC meeting for CoT/OAM/NLCC each?
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats Trousers
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Gustavis raises hand
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I think Factional Meetings (not meeting meetings) would be nice so that we can discuss the direction we're currently going in with ARK. These meetings can be as infrequently as once a quarter to still be effective IMO. However, EVERYONE should be allowed to attend these meetings if they are setup :-| (mah srsface). Done.
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Bubba
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: im a lil lost of the meaning here, i need what you view as the definition of "specialized"
    [Vicinity] Pheats: for example an OOC meeting specially for the CoT or such
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: oh, id be all about supporting a decision like that.
    [Vicinity] Bubbacrush: done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Foos
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: I think ooc meetings would be proably best for you guys, as you could get more feedback about what you're doing both good and bad, instead of just hearing from one or two of us via email.
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: hmmm, I thought I had more, but i'm done
    [Vicinity] Foosimsy: and stuff
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Gus
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: It would be a great idea
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: I think we could have them once every 2 months
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: And that's all I have to say for now, since I have to get going.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: don't think it's necessary at this point, better to focus on the overall RP situation with meetings like this at this stage
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, yes personally I would prefer to just focus on doing events and leave organizing OOC meetings upto you players
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Riawn
    [Vicinity] Nulion raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Riawn: it would be nice just to get some feedback on whether the events team plans to go along with player -initiated ideas, like the historical museum or collecting SOL wepaons for destruction.
    [Vicinity] Riawn: because at NLCC meetings, I basicaly get the response "Well, whatever." and then 3 months later someone may or may not bring it up again
    [Vicinity] Riawn: so i never know whether Ito just drop it or not
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well email is best for stuff like this, and theres nothing wrong with you doing stuff yourself, you shouldn't need out help for some stuff
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And sometimes theres nothing we can really do to help
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok nulion
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I was just gonna say that anything that allows us to keep more in touch with you guys is a good thing. Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Zeephonz
    [Vicinity] Zeephonz: OOC meetings would be good for ARK to attend if they go ahead, so that they can provide some guidance if necesary. No point coming up with ideas OOC if it doesn't work within the greater events philosophy. Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well the email address is always there, and even if we dont set up such meetings, theres nothing stopping you lot doing something like the greencloaks on dim1
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Talking about boobs?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The idea, not what it actually comes out as
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Oh, right. Sorry.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And also just mentioning things isn't really clear enough as a request for help
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If you want help actually ask, otherwise we just think your showing us a little project that we can watch you do.
    [Vicinity] Nulion holds up a macaroni art drawing of himself pulling Silverstone's pants down, showing it off
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Nulions arts and crafts is coming along...
    [Vicinity] Feynrose squints at the picture
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Woot!
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok any more comments?
    [Vicinity] Tracer raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Tracer
    [Vicinity] Tracer: Kintaii mentioned in the Fw(o)M post that we, the players, are what's needed most for the rolepla
    [Vicinity] Maleachi nods
    [Vicinity] Tracer: Ssorry... I'll type it out manually
    [Vicinity] Nashedra nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well yeah, else its just us sitting around in a zone looking pretty... or not so pretty
    [Vicinity] Feynrose nods with great enthusiasm
    [Vicinity] Tracer: Kintaii mentioned in the Fw(o)M post that we, the players, are what's needed most for the roleplay community to be successful. In that, I agree. But some of the seething "us vs them" mentality that still seems apparent between the players and staff rather appears to be one of unclear expectations. So, if possible, could you provide for us what you and your team's expectations are of us, the players, and in what ways do you want *us* to try and improve?
    [Vicinity] Nashedra eyes Pheats
    [Vicinity] Nulion looks at Feynrose, his eyes bleeding
    [Vicinity] Maleachi: To expound a bit on it: We´re not here to set up a nice show for our own benefit, we´re here to interact with you and have fun with you. We want you to come up with ideas, we want you to have fun, we want you to RP.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok quick response, I think have something more detailed at the end after the player questions
    [Vicinity] Tracer: *nod* done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But what we want from you lot is for you to actively get involved and take part in things
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Then talk about it come up with your own stuff to show to us
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And spread as much info around to each other as posible
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ...and there's plenty of ways to do that too, especially lately.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Key thing is for you to actually take part in things and then show us what your doing
    [Vicinity] Riawn raises hand
    [Vicinity] Trousers raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats Its no good if you take part in an event, go off and plan an epic saga to go with the events stuff and then post it on a private forum that only 2 people have access too
    [Vicinity] Pheats 'cos then we can't act on it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Riawn
    [Vicinity] Dagget raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Riawn: as oppesed to posting it here and now, and having you say we need to send a private email to one or two people?
    [Vicinity] Riawn: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats Theres nothing stopping you posting it here and now AND sending an email to ark events
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: If you want us to get involved, allow me to ask what are those of us who wish to be involved, but cannot be, supposed to do? I have attempted to contact several times over the past couple years and every time my requests are ignored. What other ways do players have in order to get involved when we are forbidden from doing so?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly that particular thing is out of my hands, that said theres always the option of pestering those that can get into the OAM for info.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Thanks, done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Just because you may not have access to where things initially start, theres generally no rule stating that you can't find out and get involved in a different way
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, Dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: 2 quick questions
    [Vicinity] Dagget: 1) can you clarify Kintaii's new relationship wtih events? is he the person Devdas now reports to? or just a liason for stuff?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: He the person in the funcom storyteam that pokes us with all the shiny new story stuff and who we poke to get shiny new storystuff and roleplay thingamabobs planned
    [Vicinity] Dagget: so Devdas otherwise reports to Means?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: just gives Pheats a strange look
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I think it is Phyler who is currently the ARK report to guy
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok, and 2nd question
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Err Phlyer? always get his name wrong...
    [Vicinity] Maleachi: Phlyer.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: can you verify as yet if that Cup proposal has gotten into the proper hands yet?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It came to us, can't tell wether your other emails got to there targets, but can poke people, most likely it has
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I e-mails means but no idea how his e-mail gerts filtered or prevewed
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I got the impression that Devdas was in a position to get it in front of certain FC eyes
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well can poke people as said
    [Vicinity] Dagget: done

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    Rimor Logs Part Finale

    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok, now for the answers to player questions, im not sure how relevant this is to you lot as most of these came from dim1 players, but it might answer some things.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Bear in mind this will be the same as in the d1 log so if you've read that then you shall have to put up with the spam
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Are Omni-Tek Affiliates able to pass contents of the OAM to other employees/neutrals/clans if they so wish?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes they are but it is upto the character to choose what to give and what not to, plenty of information in OAM's would be no problem being given out to public (and if someone starts posting minutes again would be the uncensored stuff) while other stuff would be strictly classified.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If the directors find out your giving information out to people, depending on the information they may punish you however.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Will you please consider changing the LTC's and ST's name colors back to green? they are not quest npc's for god's sake!
    [Vicinity] Pheats: No, the blue colour was asked for by events and given by funcom so that we can flag roleplay characters to make them different to ark characters, Funcom then decided that quest mobs are also in role characters and gave it to them, we know this is not ideal but for the moment there is no intention to change back.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What happened to the special place (i've got screenshots of it stored in a cd somewhere) where the first official Board of Directors meetings took place which required warps in since it was a special playfield which had huge windows with a view of Omni-HQ? If it still exists, why not attach a door in the Omni-HQ playfield to allow omnis entrance to it for meetings and roleplaying in general?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Not 100% clear on which zone, as the OAM building has no windows, if he means the OAM place then it is still in use, people now wait outside the building for the meeting. Yes it would be nice to have it actually attached to the planet via a door but its not something we in events can deal with, but we have poked funcom about this on a few occasions, but its not a major priority.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: would love to see those screenshots, for he never knew such a room existed o.o
    [Vicinity] Pheats: When you enter the Tower of Truth (CoT Building) the first small room, you look up and there is a 2nd and 3rd floor, I've learned in the past (by using /stuck an ungodly amount of times) that those "corridors" are fake dead ends. What are the chances you could charm FC into creating the 2nd and 3rd floors (ok just the 2nd floor would be cool) so we have a new "scene" for clan role-players to do stuff with?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Very slim chance of this happening, while it would be nice to expand more and more areas its very labour intensive and if suggested would probably be turned down (specially as the current area's are hardly used anyway)
    [Vicinity] Nulion: would love that ._.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Religious type events in the past like those related to the Demon Yxxil were shut down because some geniuses complained it was inappropriate. However I believe the current average AO player is mature enough to handle these kinds of events. Nothing wrong with dark and evil to the core stuff, things that would make us think IC about mortality, beliefs and faith. Would ARK take a chance in doing these types of events?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We have no issue with evil and demons, however making events like this that also fit with the scifi nature is not an easy task, specially not if you dont want it to just be ToTW|IS clones.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: In the past you were able to create "cloud trails" in the air, mostly to give a clue regarding Dust Brigade (example here). Would you be willing to create these kinds of "clues" as follow-up or previews to events. It's adds to the "Cool factor" because once we see something visible we'll start looking for more of them hoping to find some marking or hint to what it is about. I like to call it a "virtual carrot" for us to chase after.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: To be honest, I dont really know how they were made, I could probably look into it but chances are there a set effect for just that one, and as ARK Events no longer deals with the dust brigade would probably not be used, I can however look into poking people about adding some other stuff we can use as visual clues, just dont hold your breath (unless you can live without oxygen..)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I haven't seen an LTC in The Cup or The Happy Rebel in ages (which is one of the reasons why I don't frequent them as often), any chance to get ST's and LTC"s to hang out there a bit more often?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Many LTCs do visit these clubs and lots of other clubs, however it is up to you to go there, hang out and find them, Im sure if people start poking around there more often we can poke LTC's to hang out getting drunk a bit longer then they do already.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: So, the IRRK Newswire, did you gave up on that project?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: No not really... we've used it for the articles we've done so far, however due to lack of articles coming in from players theres not really much to put on.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any chance to revive the fictional Zigball League and their awesome matches (and maybe actually reveal the official rules of the game)?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I could have sworn the rules were posted on the public forums already... will have to check that. As for reviving the league I guess articles about matches, fans going around waving flags and such? If so definitly something we can look into, but probably wont be a major priority for our team (although if we can get some decent help from others shouldn't be too hard).
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Have you ever considered delivering art related events? Like a poet trying to find inspiration while getting drunk at a bar, a holo-vid actor visiting Rubi-Ka for pr purposes, etc.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes we have, and we have lots of them written up and some that are done on a semi regular basis ranging from musicians roaming the streets making shiny music to LTC Poets sitting around feeling blue due to no interaction due to being blue.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any room for yalmaha racing events?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Been there done that, we have these things written up and run once or twice, however lack of participants kind of made people stay away from them. We can certainly see if we can get them out and about again but I dont suggest you expect to see them terribly regularly (there quite difficult events for us to produce)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Will we get org adverts on the billboards again?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Would be nice to have shiny adverts for orgs and other IC stuff, but not something events holds any sway over sorry.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Will the IRRK News channel return?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It never left... honest... ok it was broken for a long while but its been fixed and back for a month or two now... and we've made some new rules for it that should hopefully mean we can use it more often.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Are we going to see a shift and development of the Borealis storyline?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly this is really funcoms thing, I personally have planned something that im going to suggest to them but there word is that they are going to wait untill they have things ready to do it, which I can only guess means they have something planned but no ETA.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can we see some new hero's for each faction along the lines of what Radiman and Ross were?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Possibly, however were limited by what funcom will allow us for the whole major hero characters, but we could possibly see about poking up some new hope for civilization.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can we see some dramatic battles and more switching of land control happen, as i keep on saying, "I'snt there a war on or something?"
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can certainly try to do some more dramatic battles but again were limited by resources and player interaction, as for the land control changes, events does not have the ability to change the game in such a way any major land change needs to be done via funcom and is generally unlikely, although I dare say we can poke them to let us do something major now and then and see if they kick us out there office. If you mean notum wars towers, we cannot really get involved in the tower fights directly (aka with STs) without giving certain players unfair advantages.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Can you tell me what kit the BFF uses?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Hmmmm... no, might get leaked to "the man" and let them configure their gear to annhilate the freedom fighters easily! That and I dont actually know off hand their gear...
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Will you be my BFF?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Hmmm... no
    [Vicinity] Trousers: </3
    [Vicinity] Nulion is sad
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok that was all the player questions we recieved in advance, will give you a moment to read through, then I beleive Nashedra has something to say
    [Vicinity] Nashedra nods
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: Hope everyone's managed to read back.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra smiles
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: Some things have already been discussed before today but anyway, I'd like to say in a few sentences how the storylines are produced currently.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: First, a schedule is drawn, but once the storyline reaches the ingame stage the person handling it adjusts the schedule to your, the players', actions.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: That is why the very same storyline can have totally different outcomes on different dimensions.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: So, for every storyline we do we rely *heavily* on you to interact.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: How can you interact?
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: You can talk to LTCs (we don't say which LTCs belong to which storyline because it'd basically be out of character for them to do so), you can send In Character emails to, you can interact when you see an event going on.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: Our storylines are fueled by you, the players. We provide the background for you and you can take as big or as small a part of it.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: If anyone has any questions about any aspect of storylines please feel free to ask, the easiest way is to send an OOC email to
    [Vicinity] Nashedra: That is all, thank you.
    [Vicinity] Nashedra smiles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thank you nash
    [Vicinity] Nulion applauds silently
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Feyn has something aswell
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Thanks Pheats.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Something that we notice quite a bit of is people not being aware of what we're doing and how they can get involved.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: So we have a request of you, the roleplaying community. That is: share as much information publicly as you possibly can with other people OOC.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: We've seen some great projects from you guys along those lines..
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: So really, keep it up and help as many people as possible get involved in the AO storylines to whatever extent they wish.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: We know that, by the very nature of some of our stories, it's not always easy to see what's happening on the inside. But, we want as many people involved as possible.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: So if you collect the info you've gathered about a storyline or an LTC and share it with everyone, then others can see what we're up to and judge how they would like to get involved. We love to see players keeping track of what we're up to: Anything from where an LTC hangs out, though event logs to essays entitled: "How to get involved with X storyline"
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: That can done IC aswell, of course.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: The more people we get involved the better, and the more initiatives we can get into a storyline. Remember: You *are* the storyline and you can be as involved as you like with it. We love to see initiatives, so help eachother out and get eachother involved with what we're all up to.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose smiles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thank you feyn, on that point stuff like the LTC trackers, global rp chat bots there great for this, spread info around, people get involved RP gets bigger, better and more involved
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Also stuff like th OOC Storyline tracker thread on AO universe, that sort of thing also helps, gives you players ways to see whats happening and plan on how to get involved, and gives us a way to see what info is publicly known
    [Vicinity] Nulion raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes nulion?
    [Vicinity] Trousers raises his hand
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Just wanted to say there's a lot of that kind of thing in the pipeline from several of us. Both Trousers and Foos have a lot of great tools they've been developing to help people out with...and I know you guys might know of this one, but give Storyteller a try. I'm talking to the non-ARK's there, hehe. ./tell Storyteller !stories
    [Vicinity] Nulion: That's just one of 'em. Lets you funnel player stories directly into the game.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Will have to have a look at that
    [Vicinity] Nulion: It needs more content, but hey; we're content generators, so that shouldn't be a problem. And thanks
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And trousers?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Does it really make sense to suggest that we go to AOU (an RK1 Website) to follow storylines when Nash just got done telling us the stories vary heavily between the two servers?
    [Vicinity] Pheats As far as I am aware AO universe is not RK1 only, just happens to be produced by RK 1 people
    [Vicinity] Nulion: also thinks it is *very* RK1-centric, even if it isn't intentional by AOU
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Infact the thread I mentioned specifically makes mention of whats happening on both 1 and 2
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Heck could set it up on rimor buzz

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    Rimor Logs Part Directors Cut Special DVD Only End

    [Vicinity] Schultzy raises hand
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes Schyltzy?
    [Vicinity] Schultzy Greetings again I will be honest had to afk a bit as I told you I have a real life too
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: And I did read back a lot just finished now
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: I m sure you did already realize what the main problem of most of the events was it is the advertisement like I read a lot of funny things Yalm racing / Zigball games, don't even now how that looks out a lot of fun and I m sure I m talkin in the name of a lot of ppl we all would be glad to see more.
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: And an off note
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: How long is this meeting going on now? 3 hours? almost aproximately
    [Vicinity] Pheats: About 4 hours now
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: I can and willing to understand that it is hard to organise and you don't have always the possibility / resources to make meetings like this kind
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: But this is clearly not a solution trying to save a desert if you want to come up to date start slowly to do a lot of these kind of meetings
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: And you might end with a community always present like meet more often like org meetings
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Too many topics too many things to talk about like school you can't be sitting here so much attentive
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: I would gladly come any weekends and don't tell me ppl don't have 1-2 hours of free time weekends
    [Vicinity] Pheats nods
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: I think that's what I wanted to say
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Issue is we dont always have time for lots of meetings, specially with OAM|COT|NLCC taking up most if not all weekends
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Hence why we tend to have the one long meeting every year
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Hm
    [Vicinity] Schultzy looks burended with thoughts
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Damn sry :P
    [Vicinity] Schultzy: Well hard to reply to that directly
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And with that I think we can draw this to a close, if you have any questions comments complaints issues or such feel free to email us at
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We will try and answer any questions that come to us
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And yeah the poor german team only gets 1 saturday a month free
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thank you all for coming, will have the logs posted tommorow, the dim1 logs are already up, I do suggest reading through them even if they are not from this dim

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    Thanks Pheats and team, for organizing and giving Rimor a chance to talk to you about everything. Its really helpful to get together and talk about what we all want out of each other to make the RP experience more fulfilling.
    Tresa "Cylie" Burke

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    Who is Pheats?

    He's The Duke of New York, A-Number-1, the Big Man, that's who!
    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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