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Thread: added orgbank in boosted pack?(for items)

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    added orgbank in boosted pack?(for items)

    I severly doubt this'll be read by fc(or if theye do theye won't make it known), perhaps it has been suggested allready(in wich case, can someone give the link to the original topic?)

    Annway, anny of you guildies ever had the problem of not getting to reach the person holding an item for you for some time, having your bank full with stuff wich might be usefull for guildies? How about adding an org-bank to the tower(not the current credit-account, but a bank, like players have) wich can be accesed from the tower.
    This way, you can put implants, armor, weapons, nanos etc. in the org bank s that other guildies can look if there's something in there she/he can use. Perhaps a different bank-terminal for armor, weapons, nanos, implants and what-else I might have forgotten(can't put no-drop items in it, casue it's not a personal bank, "Here, I am gonna cancel my acount, you take my yalm")

    Gives the org-towers another use.

    Btw, is it possible to get a grid acces there? 1 point in grid to org-tower. Wich only gives acces to your own guild-tower(so all guilds have same spot going to their different towers). Don't think so though

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    good idea - bump!!

    we have poeple who are the 'banks' in my guild, but it's tough to get ahold of them if we need something. BUT, this guild bank thing could be hazardous b/c you'll have bottom feeders who just want to make twinks without putting in the effort. i like the idea though

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    Originally posted by mgbkurtz
    BUT, this guild bank thing could be hazardous b/c you'll have bottom feeders who just want to make twinks without putting in the effort. i like the idea though

    hmm, haven't thought of that yet, sollution is simple. You can't acces this bank till you've gotten 1 promotion(or more or not at all, depending on what guild-leader decides?). Hmm, perhaps leader and rank 1 below leader can give ppl clearance to acces the bank or not? Might also be a good idear, depending on number of banks(1 for engys in guild, 1 for agents etc)*note: you should always be able to add stuff to the bank, just not take. If I find an agent nano and i can't put it in the bank cause I'm an engy then this idear won't be as effictive as it is annyway

    Or perhaps mailboxes for every member to give him stuff?(hmm, might work for a guild with 20 members, but for 400 members??)

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    Have to say this would be extremely useful.. as the leader of an org, people will ask me to save certain items for them that I post, then we just can't find a chance to meet up in person for the exchange until far later.. so I'm always having all this "reserved" loot sitting around in my bank or inventory..


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    uhh...the whole idea of having the towers is so that land has more value...if land has value, we're going to be fighting over it.

    So...if the tower also holds guild items and another guild of an opposing faction takes it, all of the items the guild has contributed to the bank will be of the guild who just swiped your tower.

    Do you really want that to happen to you? And can you imagine the explosive force the grievers will unleash upon these very boards?

    It has plusses and negatives...I kinda like the danger of losing items, but then again I'd be pissed if it was my stuff that got taken. It's bad enough that your guild just lost its land, bonuses and tower.

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    On teh org bank.. just make it so someoen with a high rank has to give you access to the bank before you can go take stuff.. and make it log what is taken out / put in.

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    This is definatley needed, maybe you should read my thread on making guilds more interesting :

    Theres ideas on the bank and things that tie in with it, Like leaders setting up which ranks can take what from the bank.
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    Good idea! Bump

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    Yews, even a very basic one would be a very important function for guilds .
    I quested all the way to Penumbra, and I didn't even get a lousy t-shirt.

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    For the item bank idea to work without the underlings and noobs to worry about, I had a different idea, please tell me what you think...

    I was thinking of more like an advanced candy machine where you can stock tools and items you want to trade, where people can see what they can get (maybe sorted by QL and type),and either people can post offers for what theyd like, or (i guess) you could also list whats necessary to drop in the machine to get said item when the owner isn't around... the idea just needs some tweaking, but I think it could be a fun and very useful tool...instead of constantly advertising, someone could go to this "garage sale", and the two could haggle at that point.
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    Wink The Alliance

    I agree with Cenelia.

    In our guild we have problems with that.

    You must wait for the right person to log and then
    give you the nano or the armor you want.

    I like the idea of grid access or at least a nano that will
    transport you to your tower . )))

    BTW I like 2 seated Yalms and able to cast heal nanos
    when I am in .

    (The yalm bugs still exist . WHY ? )

    Long leave The Alliance !!!

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    more with the alliance

    I like this plan completely, however it probably won't be happening until Shadowlands if at all.
    One way our ingenius guild-bot creator Stantius came up with to work around the problem was to create an on-line org-bank system where your items are added to the guild-bot who then announces it to the org. Anyone can ask for an item within a certain ql range and see if someone has posted it to the bot. It's very useful, but still has the snag of the items only being available when the person giving them away is on-line. It still is working much better than the org bank system that we also still have in place.

    Of couse we also have the greatest guild-bot on the planet!

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    Why should anything that will make orgs function as proper factions be in the booster or expansion? If anything these are functions that should be patched in as regular content, not sold as part of an add-on. Organisations have had to deal with this from day one and if there is something that should be a part of an MMORPG it is a fully functioning org system, from day one or patched in as soon as possible anyway.
    We pay for a certain amount of development and adding of content already by our monthly fee's, org functions including the bank, should be part of that development. Making us pay $20 for that would be even more of a ripoff than the upcoming booster already is.
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    why dont we make the org bank only list a character's advertised items WHEN they are in-game and not afk? this would gurantee that people could freely trade without wondering if and when someone will be online again...

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    Unhappy What about...

    I believe Guild housing would still solve this problem a bit. Keep it seperate from the Towers, somewhere in a city. Stick your item bank, grid terminals, guild backyards for PvP practice, etc. in the Guild housing area.

    It's been said alot before, just thought I'd repeat it here.
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