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Thread: [ALL] OTPC: Omni-Pol Director Public Address

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    [ALL] OTPC: Omni-Pol Director Public Address

    Omni-Pol Director Public Address
    July 02, 29483 - [Global]

    OTPC - Earlier today OTPC received this public address from Omni-Pol Director Ivan Sergeyich.

    Employees of Omni-Tek,

    I address you today in regards to an issue that many of you may already know about (as you should as this is in-fact my second address about this issue however the first seems to have been corrupted by, I assume, so many people connecting to it) and that is the crime syndicate known as the Shadow Compendium.

    These criminals have been causing issues for not only Omni-Tek but affiliated organizations and even the ICC. As such Omni-Pol has hired an independent investigator, Miss Tayris Duppine, to liaise with cooperative organizations and report information back to us and run investigations in zones too hostile for Omni-Tek employees to safely mount an effective investigation.

    I ask again that any employee that has any information on this group send a report containing this to the Omni-Pol offices or contact your nearest affiliated officer, I also ask that you assist Miss Duppine with her investigation by relaying any information that you deem fit that can aid her in her inquiries.

    Her aid has already been instrumental in giving Omni-Tek an edge against these criminals by gaining funding from other employers of hers for the development of a tracking system based on data supplied by the JAME organization and Omni-Com. With these funds and those obtained from loyal Omni-Tek employees wishing to aid in the fight against crime, a prototype has been developed and is currently in testing stages. That said we are still a long way off being able to fully develop the tool and any funds employees can contribute will help immensely.

    With the aid of this investigator and our own well trained officers, I believe that we could easily see these criminals behind bars in short order. However this requires cooperation between Omni-Tek employees and on going investigations, whether it be this independent investigator or contacting the Omni-Pol offices to supply information.

    -Omni-Pol Director Ivan Sergeyich
    Omni-Tek Protects

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    OK my interest was piqued when he mentioned JAME, if omni-tek are developing a tracking device with the help of a group of SL explorers then the Shadow Compendium are an interesting case indeed. The very thought harkens back to the legends of the Adonis Syndicate...
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    I dont understand why I should give information to a stupid Neutral? Surely we have the best damned investigators on the planet in Pol, Div 6 and Reform?
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    Not if you keep sending them into hostile locations you wont

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletawe View Post
    I dont understand why I should give information to a stupid Neutral? Surely we have the best damned investigators on the planet in Pol, Div 6 and Reform?
    You might want to consider the PR reasons for having an Independant investigator brought in. Just Because Omni-Tek have some of the best investigators, doesn't mean that their report will be considered unbiased by other people.

    In a case like this which does involve a significant number of Neutral citizens and possibly even Clan citizens, I can very easily see Omni-Tek wanting no one to have any valid reasons for anyone, on Planet or off, to question the validity of the investigation.
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    I was part of the JAME expedition when they needed meat shield. Strange fluctuations were the reason for the expedition:

    As we progressed, the fluctuations were pinpointed to a location in Elysium where we came across a camp of "Shadowers". They engaged the JAME expedition, so of course we defended.

    As I was punching the last one, his vitals went down to about 1/5 of his vital capacities. I have the datadisk somewhere, but from the top of my head, that last thug said "The boss needs to know about this" and "poofed" away with what seemed to be a fixer evac.

    The JAME scientists started to investigate the Shadowers camp and located significant amounts of notum, enough to have triggered the fluctuations, enough to have dragged brink creatures away from the brink.

    But they also found other "stuff" that has been reported stolen from all factions: Omni, Neutral, Clan.

    For now, the Shadow Compendium has targeted Newland, and from what I've seen at this camp, they're not just doing city admin paperwork. They're on the move. If they're allowed to consolidate their assets in Newland, they'll have a nice stepping stone for another hostile takeover.

    I'd hate to see them move in West Athen, or Old Athen, or Tir (though I admit, watching them try to take over Tir could be quite the entertainment).

    Is there really anyone who wants to be next to be run by the Shadow Compendium?

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    Of course, most peoples are more convinced by neutral person than someone sided, but I doubt the capabilites of someone who didn't receive top training that only OT can give.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkaviant View Post
    Of course, most peoples are more convinced by neutral person than someone sided, but I doubt the capabilites of someone who didn't receive top training that only OT can give.
    Lets be realistic, if that were the case the clans would have been crushed long ago. Like it or not we dont have an exclusive on talent and training.
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    That woman is on Mr. jacobis paylist, a known member of the terror-organisation Council of truth.
    There is no way I am cooperating with her
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    Good, shut your trap and let her work, then.
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