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Thread: [RK1] IRRK: Newland Buisnesses Report Above Average Earnings

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    [RK1] IRRK: Newland Buisnesses Report Above Average Earnings

    Newland Buisnesses Report Above Average Earnings
    June 18, 29483 - [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Buisnesses have reported increased incomes in Newland.

    While many are disputing the report of a take over of Newland it seems that its not putting off visitors to the city. Buisnesses have been reporting an increase in customers and takings.

    It seems that money is coming into the city steadily. Indeed, walking down the main street I myself caught glimpses of multiple Stiletto model Yalmaha and at one point even Phasefronts new Classic Charon model, that's not yet on public sale. Not only that but new buisnesses are opening, IRRK offices received the following advertisement the previous morning of a new restaurant opening soon;

    "ELEET MEAT! Where the elite meet to eat!

    Bored of Bronto Burgers? Mongol Meat giving you uncomfortable gas? Come down to Eleet Meat and experience leet like you've never experienced before!

    We use only the finest leets bred specially in the wilds of Rubi-ka for that fresh free range taste in all our products.

    Like pie? Sure you do! Everyone likes pie, and you'll love our Supaleet pie, containing the very best pumpkin pith and kappa berrys, not only is the pie gutbustingly delicious, it's colourful too!

    On the move? Don't have time to sit and enjoy your meal? Why not try our Leet-inna-bun? Perfect food for on the move, with a variety of toppings and sauces to choose from and a free thats right FREE cup of menthol coffee to give you an extra kick.

    Fancy something sweet? Try out Tailo' Leet, finest leet tails coated in finest sugar frosting and available in peppermint, lime-slime, cola and many more amazing flavours, you'll be bouncing off the walls in amazement as the flavours flood your mouth!

    And many more meals are available to suit everyones tastes! And don't worry leet lovers, we use every bit of the leet we can, meaning we use less leets! And those bits of leet we cannot use, we feed to other leets to give them twice the eleet flavour!

    If you eat leet you'll be elite! Come to Eleet Meat!
    Opening soon in Newland"

    So it seems Newland is doing well, will this continue or is it just the calm before the storm? Only time will tell.

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    We in the Leet Protection Agency strongly object to this.
    Leets are pets, not food.
    We ask that everyone boycot this place
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    Join with the LPA against this outrage to all leets on Rubi-Ka.
    We will add this to the agenda of THE DEBATE happening at the end of the month.

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    What the hell is this? I wake up, get a little breaky, start to read what I thought to be news, and find that it's just another advertisement!

    I enabled the ads filter on my holo (yeah yeah, it's not legal... Bite me), it's for a reason, and I'm not happy to have ads snuck up on me through IRRK...

    Has the IRRK editor been kidnapped too?

    *takes an angry bite at the croissant and rinces it down with a long sip of cappuccino*

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    ANYONE who tries to sell me a food item that contains leet is gonna be on the wrong end of a ass-kicking, then maybe i'll put their remains in their own pies...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neista View Post
    ANYONE who tries to sell me a food item that contains leet is gonna be on the wrong end of a ass-kicking, then maybe i'll put their remains in their own pies...
    Gives a whole new meaning to Atrox Wonder Pie.

    Which brings up a question or two:

    1) If someone eats a leet that was a person with Pronouncment of Greatness running, Does that count as cannibalism?

    2) If an Opifex/Solitus/Nanomage eats an Atrox is that Cannibalism since they're different breeds?
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    *takes another of his home made crispy leet feet and eats it while reading the news*

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

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    Not long ago, IRRK at least tried to pretend they were broadcasting serious news to anyone who cared reading so-called 'neutral' news. Now IRRK is broadcasting nothing more than paid advertisements for products of dubious quality and health standards.

    This again prooves that the 100% loyal and 100% objective news brought to us all by the trained professionals of the OTPC are the only reliable source of high-quality truth.

    Remember: Leets are vermin and carry all sorts of disease, just like the terrorist filth in the north.
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    Newland been taken over and now they are doing booming business..kinda makes you wonder if you really want Toog and Hekkat back,...

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    1. What proof is there of an increase? They are basing this off the appearance of more expensive vehicles being seen? Vehicles that appear to be just passing thorugh in any case as they move from Phasefront to the ICC complex? Hardy indication of a change in Newland.. outside of perhaps some more foot traffic (or air traffic as the case may be).

    2. If there is an increase.. what kind of source is it coming from? With the supposed nature of the new "people in charge" .. what kind of business is this increase coming from? And .. is it a business that is really wanted by Newland?

    Eleet Meats?

    It is easy to make statements, but harder to back them up I think.
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    its an independant newspaper, they don need to lie about things like OTCp does, or is it?

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    The last semester was very peaceful, bad news for fighters but good for business.

    If you want proofs and such, go read your stocks or reports. If you don't have any, I guess you are not so concerned by economy and should find another fire to fuel.

    Remember that the status of the mayor and the militia general are unsure. The two smuggler bosses didn't provide the means to back their claims.

    Since Toog, new shops opened, we collected terminal and Phasefront rents, and upgraded the security. This is the result of a long effort and not one month of instability.
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