Newland Birth of Extreme Sport
June 17, 29483 - [Rimor]

IRRK Freelance - IRRK - Newland - Tragic accident in Newland leaves two dead and six injured in a fatal Yalmaha crash.

It has been reported that two Yalmahas in the Newland area have crashed, instantly killing the two drivers and injuring six citizens who were near the crash. The crash was said to happen after the drivers were taking part in a new extreme sport - Yalmaha Extreme Racing.

Eyewitnesses state that the two yalms, of different sizes and capabilities were seen racing around Newland city, almost causing countless accidents. Newland authorities refused to give comment when questioned as to why they did not respond to this horrific accident, leaving it for a few barely trained first aiders who were visiting the city.

Both citizens were said to be fully insured. One, an Omni citizen, who reportedly is being sent to a Omni-Trans education and training facility by order of Omni-Pol, and the other a Neutral citizen who has been let off, free as a reet.

Friends of the two said:

“They were taking part in YER! The new epic sport, its for the win fo’sure! Oh, its Yalm Extreme Racing, by the way. Did you see how fast they were going? Faster than my roflcopter anyway. *laughter* We don’t know who made the sport, but the rule is there is a start and a finish, who ever gets there first wins. No other rules. Its soo pew pew awsomes.”

A Omni-Trans spokesperson stated the following:

“Irresponsible and reckless flying is becoming an all time high, especially with more and more citizens purchasing vehicles with flight capability, without the required training. This is why Omni-Trans and Omni-Pol are working closely together to ensure that whilst in a Omni-Tek area, you must follow our flight regulations.

All we can do is hope these regulations are adhered to outside of Omni-Tek controlled areas to ensure public safety. As we cannot enforce our regulations in the sovereignty that is Newland”

Do you fly as fast as your yalm permits?
Would you take part in a YER race?
What do you think of flight regulations?

This reporter wants to know.