Do you know your enemy?
May 23, 29483 - [Rimor]

IRRK Freelance - IRRK - An un-identified group of citizens have been parading around major cities across Rubi-Ka from all factions shouting slogan, “Do you know your enemy?”

It was initially reported that a large group of citizens were parading around the Omni-1 areas shouting that Omni-Tek were the enemy and guilty of breaching basic rights with unethical medical experiments on its citizens. A snippet of the parade was recorded:

“Omni-Tek is guilty of breaching our basic rights! They conduct countless unethical medical experiments on us, killing thousands and mutating millions. Now is the time for change! Do you know YOUR enemy?”

The group of over 30 citizens spread their message, and then swiftly exited the cities before local security and Omni-Pol had chance to respond. Being followed by some what curious citizens the growing group proceeded to Clan controlled city Old Athen. Again the group began to shout, this time fully recorded but due to the vast amount of citizens and deafening shouting only a small part of the recording was able to be transcribed:

“The Clans are guilty of mercilessly slaughtering any who get in their way, not discriminating between Omni, Neutral or even Clan, woman and children. This blatant attack on life is coming to an end! Do you know YOUR enemy?”

With Vanguards moving in to investigate what was reported as a moderately sized riot, the group again avoided the authorities and moved onto Neutral territory; with Newland in their sights.

Shortly arriving in Newland, the group now significantly grown to over 100 began to shout their messages of blame:

“The Neutrals are guilty of denying the fact that this world is at war. They are guilty for being indecisive and allowing the world to destroy itself, their ignorance is not an excuse! Do you know YOUR enemy?”

With that said the group left the Newland town and were promptly picked up by a transport ship just off the newly established Phasefront shops.

Many questions now remain unanswered after this baffling encounter. Who are these people? What are their intentions? Is this the birth of a new terrorist cell? What actions are the different factions going to take?

We await the response of authorities and will follow any leads to this story.