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Thread: [ALL] OTPC: Omni-Reform helps victims of recent attacks.

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    [ALL] OTPC: Omni-Reform helps victims of recent attacks.

    Omni-Reform helps victims of recent attacks.
    May 22, 29483 - [Global]

    OTPC - OTPC - After recent incidents including terrorist attacks and bombings Omni-Reform Director Eva Pourais advises on how to cope with the emotional aftermath.

    A grenade explosion shook Omni-1 Headquarters area just before the Omni-Tek affiliate meeting this month. The attackers managed to scorch a fragment of Omni-Admin building with the blast which reportedly sent some affiliates, including Intern-Ops representative Max hurtling onto the roofs of the nearby buildings. They returned without any serious injury. There was one casualty: an Omni-Pol guard who soon came back to duty after a successful ressurrection.

    Omni-Pol Director Ivan Sergeyich launched an investigation to find the culprits. He, or any Omni-Pol officers have not commented on it so far.

    This is only one example of the incidents that have happened within the last months.

    Life on Rubi-Ka is not the easiest one sometimes. We live on a dangerous planet, full of dangerous sandstorms, terrorists and plagued by aliens. Almost everyone is affected, one way or the other.

    There have been several incidents, which despite the tightened security as of late, unfortunately, could not be prevented. Omni-Reform offices have been bombed, Omni-Med attacked, even Omni-1 could not escape the attacks.

    However, even though such attacks get through the tight net of Omni-Tek security sometimes, they never are very serious. The culprits are caught or repelled, the damages to property repaired. Nobody would know the walls of Omni-Admin were scorched one hour after the incident.

    There is a damage much more difficult to repair though: the image of your co-workers being ripped apart by an explosion, the dying screams of your friends who stand with you in battle...

    “Where do you turn in such difficult moments? Moments, when you feel alone, battling with your thoughts...” says Eva Pourais, Director of Omni-Reform. “There is a whole department whose main duty is helping employees in such troubling times. It's name is Omni-Reform.”

    “We are there for all Omni-Tek employees. We really do care about each and every single one of them” she adds. “Don't hesitate to contact one of Reform's officers.”

    “We do understand what people must go through in those circumstances. Not long ago, our own offices were attacked by terrorists. The incident was not very dangerous but it reminds people that we all live on a very dangerous planet.”

    Director Pourais has proven more than once that she does care indeed. Only a couple of weeks ago she personally visited one of Omni-Med employees, who has been scarred by one of the recent terrorist attacks.

    The visit took place at the employee's own apartment complex and lasted for some time. What was said remains unknown to the public and Director Pourais gently refused to give her comments about it. “During such meetings the employees share their deepest thoughts, dreams and fears with me” she said. “I, as well as any other Omni-Reform officer, treat contents of such conversations as strictly confidential” she added.

    The employee in question did not offer a lot of comment either. She only said that she was able to cope with the horrors of the past “with the help of my friends.”

    It is incredible that one of the Directors spends her very valuable time to listen to listen to concerns of one of us and to strengthen her faith in the corporation, give her hope and renew her resolve to continue her work. Ms Pourais really proves that the corporation is our family and our friend.

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    Oh so thats what it was all about *rolls her eyes* a meeting with a omni-med employee was not for answering questions, it was to gain something to stuff in the news to make her look good..great..fine..perfect *growls*
    I was wondering why on she left so quickly, but here you go? its all about the publicity

    Yet again shows that omni-tek care *salutes*
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