18.0.2 Update Release Notes:

Game Updates and Improvements:

- Challenge the new 12 player Legacy of the Xan final raid instance and gain access to new powerfull items.

- Based on character affecting changes in the LOX booster a new full IPR will be available to everyone. (Everyone

will now have ONE full IPR..these are not saveable/collectible.)

- The long awaited perk-reset NPC is now available on the Jobe Platform.

- Hotbar timers should now work in the "Controls" window.

- New Battle Station sided chat channels.

- All debuffs should now be removed from pets/owners inside the Decontamination Room.

Addressed Issues:

- New faster available monster corpses should no longer be tabbable targets.

- Monsters should no longer gain out-of-combat heal delta during combat.

- Shopping channels will now be limited to level 11+ to help combat spamming issues.

- PVP Fear nanos should once again function correctly.

- The Decontamination room should now once again correctly teleport out players to the correct locations.

- Several exploit fixes.