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Thread: Friday with Means - March 13th, 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrys View Post
    Imagine what the guys at Spore had to do!
    OMFG lol.... epic.
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    Welp, it's friday, and this hit 20 pages. Let's see what means says today! Hopefully it'll be a nice big update with pics and such about where things are going. That, or telling us about a dev journal or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windguaerd View Post

    Please continue posting original art, we all enjoy it.
    Hope i'm included, because more fan art then! Enhanced the nm a bit, less chin and stuff. Still too noob to texture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boltgun View Post
    Also the new ground textures, the ai buildings really don't match the ambiance (and it's plain ugly). So if you didn't do that already, it may be good to look at some original material, these handbrushed textures and all. Sometimes it's good to look at all the details on the plasteel armor before designing new stuff.
    Agreed, they always looked ugly. Texture them to match the buildings of the org's side's other city buildings.

    And I still say scale them to org size, so all the one-man farming org cities will be tents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amosco View Post
    I hope that was a female character underneath all that armor, because that idle animation was the most effeminate looking thing I've ever seen.

    And, as to the detail on the heads, granted, we won't see it all the time, but now that we have social tab I have noticed alot of people walk around without helmets much of the time. Plus, we are human. Humans have a psychological predisposition toward identifying faces. This is why we tend to see smiley faces in naturally occurring rock formations, or why we see the fronts of cars and think they look like faces.

    Faces are very important to us as a species. If they weren't, all of our characters could just have a solid blue dot for a face and we wouldn't care. I know, from an animation point of view a face seems pointless, but from an immersion point of view faces are very important for how we identify with our characters and the characters around us.
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