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Thread: Council of Truth Press Release - March 9, 29483

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    It's funny to see history repeating itself. The Clans tried several times for diplomatic solutions. Didn't work.

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    Use force. Omni loves it when you use force.
    Point Blank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucxedo View Post
    Do everyone a favor and start in Borealis.
    You never know when dreams comes true.

    Sovieta, Seraph - Angel of the first order
    Ihsahna,my Twinkie

    " What on earth would our beloved, stinking, beautiful Europe have become without our dope fiends, drunkards, homosexuals, consumptives, madmen, syphilitics, bed-wetters, criminals, and epileptics? Our whole culture was created by invalids, lunatics, and felons."
    —Moment of Freedom- Jens Bjørneboe 1966

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