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Thread: Unable to send or receive chat

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    Unable to send or receive chat

    Hey everyone!

    Last night I was playing AO and tried going "LFT" to go do stuff with some buddies. I saw the "looking for team: On" message, and informed my friends via team speak that i was on lft and they could not see me. So i opened the window to see how many people were on the list and no names showed up. I then began to try to talk in org chat, vicinity chat, and OOC and none of them would send, and i noticed i wouldnt receive tells or anything either... Did a full relog, computer restart, and nothings worked..

    Anyone else having issues like this after patch?

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    Fixed with reinstall

    Fixed itself :P

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    And the issue is back.... I don't Want to reinstall the game each time this happens... Anyone know what may cause this??

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    I know this used to be one of the problems on Vista/Windows 7 if you installed the game inside the program files folder, try installing it directly on C: or any other drive.

    If that's not the problem, then I have no idea ^^
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    this happens when you combine low fps with crappy internet

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    Unhappy Chat Doesn't Work

    Since a few days ago i can't speak in the chat or receive chat how would i fix this? I've already tried reinstalling and that didn't work either what do i do?

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