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Thread: Something rotten in OP-land?

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    Something rotten in OP-land?

    I heard this over the airwaves a couple days ago....... anyone know more about it?

    Greetings Citizens! Let it be known that former Omni-Pol Officer, Private Knifetooth "Sabertoothed" Nick, is hereby declared a Rogue Officer, and is no way to be considered an active Officer in Omni-Pol. He is subject to arrest on sight and is wanted in connection for various crimes in the city of Newland. His last known whereabouts are not known at this time, but he is wounded and considered dangerous. Approaching this suspect should be done cautiously. For further information, contact the Newland Militia, or Minister Wright of Newland Security.
    And now You know!

    Roger "Scoopx" Johnson

    Cub Reporter
    Rubi-Ka Times
    Neutral Division

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    I thought he was looking for Knifetooth "Sabertoothed" Nick.... that guy is just Knifetooth and a clanner to boot.
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

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    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    Ooop! Well, I never claimed Simoom could read.

    I guess there was a Knifetooth naming craze not too long back, given two criminals with similar names. It's kind of like living in Colorado. You can't live there unless you're named "Scott" or know someone who is.

    I sure hope they arrest the right Knifetooth!
    Simoom - General of Third Faction - FREE BOREALIS!

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    Two different persons here. I wont be saying more, because this is nothing i should be worried about.

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