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    Post Eline's Diary

    ((This will be an up to date thread of my RP toons diary... It begins from when she became 10 years old... Sorry for the way it is written but it's supposed to be written by a 10 year old girl))

    ((Posts are welcomed as I will edit first post everytime a new entry is made but keep flame/spam/troll out of it please))

    December 8 29465

    Dear Diary...

    My name is Eline Floyd and I decided to start writting today I am hitting ten...
    I am currently living in an asteroid under the code name RKAC 23100 (RKAC stands for Rubi-Ka Asteroid Complex)
    with my family... They work in a mine under the Omni-Tek Minning Facilities command

    My day today was good... Not many presents though as we are poor but I am used to it... My wish was to be able to go and see Rubi-Ka once in my life. My parents are from there and tell me good stories from when they were kids before Omni-Tek transfer them to this mine

    Today my father gave me a sword. It had written on it "Keeper's sword" on the handle and this phrase "Strike hard! Strike true!" on the edge... I asked him what was it for but he just told me "You'll understand when time's up for you".

    Too curius about what he meant...

    December 9 29465

    Dear Diary...

    I woke up today and my parents were not uhmm... well. They seemed to worry about something and be angry too..It was a letter they recieved that they would not give it to me to read it...

    But I was curius to see what made em run around the room like crazy so when we went to eat launch I sneaked and took the letter to read it... So here's the letter as I read it

    Mr. Floyd

    We are in the awkward position to announce you that your daughter Eline Floyd had it's tenth birthday yesterday and now we are forced to ask you kindly to get her with you tomorrow at the mines... There is nothing you can do you can petition us to ICC of course but you are going to loose your money and we are going to win the trial so please be logic and act civilized...

    From the Headquarters

    My first reaction was to question "But why they are worried? We'll be together all the time"

    ::Sounds of a drawer opening... Someone blowing on something and dust flies around the room...Eline found her lost diary::

    November 17 29470

    Dear Diary

    I know it's been some time from the last time I wrote but I really was fulltime occupied in the mines... Now I can understand my parents and why they behave like that when they got the letter...Work conditions there are horrible. We work 'till we collapse from sweat there are no doctors to help us when an accident happens and I am seprated from my parents... They are in another gallery than I am... We got no personal time or anything... I am really thinking of rebeling. I've already found some people that thinking the same way as I do but things are not that easy... We are under observation 24/7
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    Sometimes I want to scream
    So long that life escapes.
    Then I'd shut my eyes.
    I'd be the angel of disgrace

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    I'm officially done with RolePlay so please any moderator around to lock this topic
    Sometimes I want to scream
    So long that life escapes.
    Then I'd shut my eyes.
    I'd be the angel of disgrace

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