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Thread: Friday with Means - December 19th, 2008

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    Then just accept that you're one of the most. Apparently none of your ideas are worthy. One day an idea is going to be so awesome they cant help but all talk about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egadsrk2 View Post
    This was the result of Famine/Devs listening to a lot of MP's talking about the Ofab Tiger. Metaing was on the dev team that early, if thats a factor. Several LE weapon changes happened at this time, such as the trader lock on the Ofab Silverback, and the requirement adjustments for the Ofab Hawk. And probably a lot of the Dreadloch weapons came about as a result of feedback.
    can we please stop with the wrong information about when metaing started at fc?

    he wasnt even employed yet when the tigress was released. infact, we were both talking about it on testlive (as co-professionals) about how much of a mistake it was, weeks after it was released.

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    Ah heh. I see my error. He posted in that thread - but its the same forum account. Like a signature will be current, his icon says DEV in that thread.

    My apologies. Didn't actually read any of his posts. Just saw various important figures weighing in on the thread at the time - which I skimmed while writing the post.

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    I visited test, wanted to check out all the complaints about next patch. I have questions.

    Is it intended enforcers / fp enforcer can permasnare target? (no recharge, no lockout on nanos untill they land)

    Is it intended doctors soothing nano doesnt do anything useful on themself? (cant use nanos while knockback/feared, doesnt remove snare afterwards)

    This looks very poorly designed in regards of balance (from my perspective of view). But then again, I complain about GTH all the time.

    Will there ever be any defense vs gth except 10-20% enh jath/boots?

    Must say, never seen that many pvp'ers be concerned about a patch..

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    That's why it's called Test. Nanos reqs and casting/recharge times are temp to test mechanics. Balancing will probably happen after they are done with the content.

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