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Thread: War on Var

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    Boltgun know that they can't hold there. They have too few weapons against such tank in front of them. And if research have made progress, there is probably quad mechs, long range artillery who will take them down once someone have planted a laser targeting device.

    Reaching behind his back, he activates his backpack, materializing a rocket launcher. He calls for that rebel who lost his weapon to load it for him.

    "What is your name anyway ?"

    "Martin, sir!" answers the rebel.

    Grabbing Alexander by the shoulder he whisper in his ear, in order to not panic the other mens here.

    "We are going to die in here. If you want, you can lead the remaining mens inside this building to find a way out. There is still a few second before the tank gets here."
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    "no friend" says Alex " I came here to get you back to RK not to leave you to die"

    Alex looks around and waves the men into the building, turning back to Bolt Alex looks at him in the way he looks at shipping reports ," Look friend your leg is broken, stims are not working as well here as on Rubi-Ka and your nano bots will not heal you fast enough, you have two choices. one you let me carry you to the HQ with the rest of the men or two we stay here and fight off the tank"

    Alex looks around once more "whats' it going to be old man? "
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    "What's going to be ?", shouts Boltgun pointing down the street where the tank is aligning itself in front of the porch.

    "We take cover, you fo..." Boltgun is interrupted as the tank suddenly explodes in a gigantic ball of fire. Two fighter jets flies overhead, and Vincent recognizes the skull logo painted on it.

    Boltgun's recognize the voice in his communicator, "You have been laying down for so long, I didn't raise you to be so lazy!". It's HER, her name is Emma and she's the pirate captain Astralsky sent to him. He still recognize the voice even if it's a distant memory.

    "You didn't raise me at all!" he answers.

    Alexander pulls Boltgun's arm around his shoulder to help him to get on his feet. He won't be able to walk but with help he can be limping until nanobots fix the leg.

    "I still have to do your homework, isn't that bad for someone approaching thirty? Now HQ needs your presence, go and make me proud!"

    Boltgun clench his teeth, his mother is as terrible as reputation told him. But on the other hand, so he is.

    "To HQ we go !", says Boltgun pointing inside the building with his weapon, "The building block should give a good view of the gates."
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    "god you're a heavy piece of meat"

    Alex hulls Bolt across the the building and up to the block.

    Well there is a nice view of the gate from here, the jets flying over head cause his ears to hum and Alex can see the troops running around the gates.

    Alex leans Bolt against a ledge "so old man what's the plan from here? The old shoot first die later or something with more finesse?"
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    "We have a look, we're not alone in there and I wanna know more. Plus I guess you don't wanna drag me all along, right ?"

    The gates looks battered, obviously they are not the first ones to visit this place. Boltgun could spot a few scouts in blue corporate armors a building in front of them hurrying under cover.

    Suddenly the gate guards takes aims in front of them and shoot at an hovertank coming at them. The sight of a large Sol Banking logo on it is positive, Bergondi made his job and the corporation is taking the planet back.

    "No way Duval can cut through Sol banking, not with what we took away."

    With Sol AF troopers following behind, the tank fires at the gate causing the surviving guards to flee in confusion, then turns its turret around to ram the broken gates open. Several squads of troopers are running in.

    "Okay Alex, we won. Let's sit down and wait till the war's over."

    "Ha ! Who am I kidding?", claims Boltgun while picking a floating torch, "I still have my arms, one leg and my gun, you're still fresh, lets have our part of the cake! This torch should help getting some attention from the troopers and join them before they shoot us."
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    The Sol Banking troopers turn around, ready to fire, as the two battered men approach, waving floating torches.

    A sergeant, wearing a full set of armor with a SOL tank armor, stares at both Vincent and Alexander, examining their equipment.

    "So it's you!", yell the sergeant under his helmet, "I was expecting more, it looks like you are falling apart."

    Boltgun adjusts his helmet. "Look!", he yells, "I had been hit by 4 or 5 types of damage today. So are you going to tell me we've been through this for nothing?"

    The sergeant takes a good breath before answering. "I have orders, and I'll carry them. For you, let's say..."

    A regular and heavy footstep interrupt the dialog. "Yours?" asks Boltgun, the sergeant shakes his head. Leaving Alexander's support Boltgun upload Automatic Targeting and takes position, ready to fire.

    The assault mech emerge from an alley corner, sending a part of the nearby building to the ground. "Amateurs, running into walls like this." whispers Boltgun before firing at full auto, aiming for the mech knee. A couple of shells goes through the plating, unleashing fluids and gas. The mech pilot tries to compensate, but his vehicle's legs slowly lose pressure.

    As Boltgun shouts the immobilization, a SOL soldier arms his light bazooka and fires at the upper part of the vehicle, causing it to lose control and fall.

    With a defying look, Boltgun turns towards the sergeant. "Oh my orders are to let you in, anyway. So go get yourself killed in the courtyard if you want to !" Still limping, but with better assurance, Boltgun move toward the opened gates as the Sol Troopers forcefully open the mech to arrest the pilot.
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    Alex looks over and the SOL sergeant and shrugs "he's not having a good day guys, really he's a nice guy should try his cupcakes, guy's a great baker", says Alex and chuckles.

    The SOL troops don't seem to share Alex's sense of humor and just stare at the Opiflex; still smiling Alex hands a business card over one of the troops, "name's Alexander West, my father runs a shipping company, if you guys need any thing moved planet to planet give us a call, we are looking to expand beyond Omni-Tek territory"

    Gun shots go off on the other side of the gate and Alex turns still smiling, "sorry guys would love to talk more but as you can see Bolt seems to be stealing all the fun"

    Alex runs off into the compound leaving the SOL troops looking a bit dumbfounded.

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    ((bah I had exams anyway, also in this thread one day = 2 months.))

    Boltgun takes to the time to analyze the scene in front of him. One large courtyard separates him from the headquarters building. This courtyard was often used for important events; like speeches, official celebrations, and when the revolution succeeded, executions.

    It is now the theater for old fashioned trench warfare. Duval's trusted guards built defenses with portable shields and fills the area with suppressive fire. Sol troopers takes cover behind the hovertank, awaiting orders. Judging from the hits on the tank, the troops in front of them are well equipped and to deal with assaults.

    “Troopers! There is reinforcements coming in, so prepare yourself we'll do a frontal attack.”

    One of the troopers stares at Vincent, his inquiring face is obvious even through his corporate helmet.

    - “Look!” continues Boltgun; pointing at the tank, “We don't have-a much but we have this. Remember the saying, a gun for a fist fight, a tank for a gun fight, a battlestation for a tank fight”
    - “And a battlestation fight?” asks the trooper.
    - “Heh look, he think he's a smart one. You don't wanna go in battlestation fights.”
    - “This is stupid! We're getting shot in there!”
    - “Yes and yes, you're going to die. Like many others at the city gates.” answers Vincent.

    Vincent takes another look at the courtyard. The smell of blood and powder intoxicates him. He feels the need to reach the other side, tear these guards in piece and destroy them in an explosion of violence. He didn't want all of this, but he can't help it. He's going to the worst place one can imagine, and he wouldn't have it another way.

    Finally the troopers hear the order for the assault. Several squads enters the courtyard while the tank opens fire at the opposite side. Boltgun gives them some time in order to have a few soldiers in front of him, that will shield him. He takes the occasion to cast a deflection shield too.

    Taking a deep breath, he leaves the safety of the tank and runs as fast as his legs allows. “En avant!” he yells as several soldiers around him are already falling down.
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    Alex runs into the courtyard to the sound of gun shots and bullets flying through the air.

    Looking around he sees it's going to be a bit of a bother to get close to anyone... first having to get to the barricades and then to get into the fray of it all.

    Alex refreshes his reduce int era and a small run speed buff hoping it will be enough.

    Leaping farther than any other person on var Alex covers half the distance and hits the ground running... charging towards the barricades. A bullet hits him in the shoulder but the OFAB absorbs most of it and the nanites start working on the wound. As always Alex bites back on the pain and keeps going.

    reaching the barricade Alex jumps in and thinks "oh crap"
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