we are currently looking into the options of changing the overall meeting schedules for the various legacy meetings (CoT/OAM/NLCC).

Here is how the schedule works right now:

NLCC: 1st weekend of the month
- RK1: Sunday 19:00 GMT
- RK2: Saturday 20:00 GMT

OAM: 2nd weekend of the month
- RK1 and 2 changing Saturday with Sunday from month to month. 19:00 GMT

CoT: Last Saturday (RK1) of the month and the Sunday after (RK2)

- CoT: every 3rd Sunday every 2nd month at 16:00 GMT
- OAM: every 3rd Sunday at 19:00 GMT
- NLCC: still in planing stage)

As you see, this does not leave many free weekends for my team.
Therefore we are looking at all possibilities to rearrange the meetings for a more convenient schedule.

Some of the suggestions so far were:
- Holding RK1/2 meetings back on back, one at 17:40 GMT one at 20:00 GMT (assuming one sessions does not take much longer than 1:30h)
- CoTs Saturdays, OAMs Sundays
- Bi-monthly meetings
- lots of lame jokes

Now, it is your turn to make suggestions.
How would you like to see the meetings arranged?
How can we compact the amount of meetings while still catering to a broad amount of people?

Discussion here