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Thread: WARNING: "Harvester Oni" Hoverboard Issue

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    WARNING: "Harvester Oni" Hoverboard Issue


    We have discovered an issue with the current 17.10.2 version in relation to the new Hoverboard “Harvester Oni” that was added with the update. Please be aware that the new Hoverboard will cost 200 paid-points even though it displays as 0 paid-points on the Phasefront Vendor. The item will also display as a “no-named” item but will still retain the unique flags that will still affect your character.

    The issue with this item will be addressed in the next update and any items purchased today will be auto-fixed after the update has been fully deployed. We are currently aiming to have the update as soon as tomorrow around the normal schedule times of 6AM EDT.

    Thank you,

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    We will not have a downtime today at the normal scheduled time as announced. We will deploy a client side update to resolve the issues with the 17.10.2 update. You can expect the client side update today (hopefully within the next hour) and to be very small in size. More information on this client side update will be announced shortly.

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    The update will be deployed at 12 noon EDT / 4pm GMT and will require a short downtime. We were not expecting a downtime for this update as it is a client-side update. However, we decided a 15 to 30 minute downtime would be needed in order to ensure everyone online will patch and log back in. As mentioned above, the downtime is only expected to last 15 to 30 minutes.

    To find out what this is in your timezone please check here.

    Happy Hunting!

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    All servers are online. Updates are on the FTP server and will appear on the FTP list here shortly (will be available for manual download until then).

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