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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 26-2

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 26-2

    Extra edition: Agrestus flirts his way to the top!
    - by An Onymous

    It seems Agrestus has been involved in yet more of his shenanigans, this time from within his own Organisation. From anonymous reports we've very recently found out that Agrestus became Squad Commander from Unit Member in one hit, and not long after that even General, but not by your everyday run-of-the-mill hard labor, oh no!

    From our inside sources it seems Agrestus "loverboy" Wright has been using his "special skills" in womanizing on his own Superior Kairileska to get some promotions, way before his time as several claim. This seems to strenghten our earlier rumours that he hops from woman to woman.

    What makes it even more ****y, it seems to be said Agrestus is married too! Wonder if his wife knows he's fooling around with several others behind her back. Not to mention how much Agrestus will 'put out' to become the next president. Needless to note out Agrestus is also the leader of the Morale Department in Third Faction, a position that would have some items suggestive to the name to be done.

    Will Agrestus use his tricks for presidency? Has Lasliana gotten her promotions by rubbing up against her superior? Will agrestus become a fad? Read it all in ChitChat magazines in the future!

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    Almost instantly, both Agents are standing braced in front of Gunfytrs desk.

    Gun slouches in his chair, glaring darkly at them.

    "I told you to take care of it. What part of "take care of it" didnt you understand?"

    The Agents glance uneasily at each other. Moss says quietly, "Boss, we DID. Just like you said to."

    Gun slowly stands up. The Agents cringe at the expressions running across his face. "OK," he says slowly, "Look into this for me. Please."

    Gun turns to stare out the window, giving the two their opportunity to exit the room.

    "It cant be....can it?", Gun whispers to himself. Slowly he grins evilly. "Ok, Mr 'investigative reporter, I cant have you sticking your nose into, maybe your nose gets cut off."

    Gun picks up the newspaper and stares at it.

    "It cant be...."

    Gunfytr 220/30/70 Soldier Lawdog80 220/30/70 Advy
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    Because we said so.
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    (( playboyfixer is still banned & not returning to AO most likely, at least not on another toon / account due to several unjust things that happened, but i've been asked to post some stuff to give an RP boost that will be linking to a greater RP event that was planned before the ban ))

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