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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 26

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 26

    Agrestus carries Clan bride over doorstep
    - by An Onymous, chitchat reporter

    After our Chief Editor Playboyfixer's dissapearance after Red Freedom and Silverstone treated him as an trash, ChitChat inc. has revived from its ashes, bringing you top-shelf news once more from all around you!

    2 days ago, an intresting love-story started to bloom open some more. The Clanner from Digital Alliance (playboyfixer's last known homebase) had been interacting with Newlands Security Minister (and Third Faction general) Agrestus for several occasions, among which going to public places like bars, and less public places from time to time.

    However nothing had happened as intrusive as those 2 days ago, when multiple witnesses saw Agrestus "loverboy" Wright carry that same clanwoman, Mirura, in his arms not to his apartment, and not to her apartment, but to what we have been told one of Agrestus' love-pads, where they seemingly were 'occupied' for a quite extensive time.

    These love-stories have been coming from other sources too, as apparently Chaupin saw Agrestus being involved with one of Mirura's legs in some way, we can surely speculate as to what kind of things, but we'd need to meet up with Chaupin for more data on that little tidbit.

    Agrestus however hasn't been sitting still from what we hear. It seems, although unconfirmed, that in the past Agrestus would have been involved in a short-lasting relationship with the infamous clan (terrorist) Playboyfixer, alas these are from hearsay, and we have no details how "deep" their relationship went if any.

    A long-living rule in hidden love is that if they suddenly back out, it must be true! So keep your eyes peeled, if Agrestus suddenly distantiates himsel from Mirura, we just know they're in an affair!

    Did Agrestus and Playboyfixer really have an affair? Will Chaupin ****e this story up some more with his details? Is Agrestus really so popular with the women? Read it all in upcoming ChitChat magazine editions!

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    This is outrageous, wrongful and offensive.

    All I'm going to elaborate on the subject.

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    *reach for a tissue*
    I love stories like this
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    unfortunatly I dont have any more new stuff to ****e this story up a bit since I accidently interrupted their meeting in Newland. sorry.
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